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Magpul Hula Girl T-Shirt

Magpul has released their Hula Girl T-shirt in Men’s and Women’s styles.

A few years ago while outfitting the dashboard of our Volkswagen Bus, we decided to do what we do best. We took something awesome and made It better, which is how the Magpul Hula Girl was born. These shirts are inspired by Magpul’s take on the classic Hula Girl dash ornament. She’s packin’ heat and ridin’ dirty.


8 Responses to “Magpul Hula Girl T-Shirt”

  1. DAN III says:

    Hey MAGPUL….when you going to release the longgggg time coming UBR 2 ?

    Instead, MAGPUL devotes resources to marketing crap like this T-Shirt for emasculated males to wear. To add insult to injury the shirt is most likely made in moslem Pakistan or communist Vietnam just like their other toxic, errr, textile products.


  2. 2GM says:

    You’re right, they took the highly trained engineers dedicated to polymer construction and put them in a sew shop to make T-Shirts.

    Man, a guy with your business sense, who understands that a diversified portfolio of products is just a bullshit story they tell you at Wharton, man they should hire you to run the place. Without your leadership, they’re just going to stay the tiny little mom-and-pop garage shop that they are.

  3. matty says:

    I just want the actual hula girl for my truck. Magpul hook that up.

  4. Jester says:

    Dude in the top picture has titties as big as the girl in the second pic.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      In the top picture, Freedom Pouches. In the bottom picture, Yummy Pillows of Nurturing Democracy.

    • Steak TarTar says:

      those are called Pectorals you flat chested plebeian

  5. Baldwin says:

    Why do the hula girls have hairy legs?