FightLite Announces Jesse James Firearms License Agreement

(Melbourne, FL) April 27, 2017 – FightLite® Industries, the small arms division of ARES Defense Systems® Inc. is pleased to announce that Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, LLC entered into a non-exclusive License Agreement with ARES Defense Systems, Inc. at the beginning of 2017 that grants Jesse James (JJFU) certain rights to manufacture firearms under a patent owned by ARES Defense.

Under the general terms of the Agreement, Jesse James is licensed and authorized by ARES Defense to manufacture and sell rifles that rely on some of the technology and the patent common to the ARES Defense and FightLite Industries SCR® (Sport Configurable Rifle).

Custom artist Jesse James on left with Geoffrey Herring, CEO of ARES Defense & FightLite® Industries holding a JJFU “Nomad Califas”.

“Jesse James has a very unique and creative style to his artwork and products whether they’re motorcycles, cutlery or firearms. So when he approached us with an interest in building rifles that rely on our patent and technology, we were very excited to see what custom models he would come up with and we haven’t been disappointed with the rifle that he calls the “Nomad Califas” first introduced at SHOT Show 2017” said Geoffrey Herring, President-CEO. “Jesse’s selection of materials, product styling and attention to detail is second to none in the custom firearms world as expressed by his many beautiful creations such as his “Skulls” Cisco Especial, “Kingdom of Shadows” Cisco 1911 and most recently his “Bishop” Cisco 1911 pistols set in their custom live edge presentation box. It will be exciting to watch the custom series of Nomad Califas rifles evolve from his imagination and into finished pieces of art that you can still take to the outdoors and shoot.”

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15 Responses to “FightLite Announces Jesse James Firearms License Agreement”

  1. Gus says:

    I just can’t take this numb nuts seriously.

  2. PLong says:


  3. CapnTroy says:

    Oh boy, rifles designed especially for shitbirds that wear their flat-brim baseball caps pulled down over the tops of their ears…

  4. CWG says:

    I guess I’ll just wish JJ success at separating whichever segment of the population has that particular taste in firearms from their piles of money.

  5. PTMcCain says:

    I thought April Fool’s day was April 1.

    Good one!!

    Got me good.

  6. Cuvie says:

    Never forget Jesse James’ $5000 1911 with “Britney Spears” engraved on the slide

  7. tazman66gt says:

    Really FightLite wouldn’t have sullied themselves with any association with this twatwaffle.

  8. Desert Lizard says:

    If I’m ever this low in life I hope one of you will do me in.

  9. Stefan S. says:

    GMAFB. Go back to bikes dude!

  10. Dellis says:

    Wasn’t Sandra Bullock married to this guy?

  11. Darkhorse says:

    Maybe someone can explain why all the hate- I seriously doubt he’ll be submitting anything to USSOCOM or any other user group. I take this as what it is, part of his “art”. Is there some controversy about him in the gun community or is it that people don’t like his “art”?

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. His metalworking skills are exceptional, if he’s bringing those skills to firearms I wish him and his business parters all the best.

    • JKifer says:

      Because people like to hate..I personally think the guns look stupid..but that’s just my opinion ..and who gives a fuck about that… hes promoting the firearms industry, so good for him I guess.

  12. AbnMedOps says:

    Didn’t ARES used to be an important innovator in small arms development? About 30-40 years ago? Or was that a different ARES?

  13. Reverend says:

    He wasn’t very polite at the show, he seemed “annoyed”. Hey JJ… Nice work, lose the attitude.