GunfightersINC releases new Solace Hybrid IWB Holster

For Immediate Release:

GunfightersINC releases new Solace Hybrid IWB Holster


After years of requests from customers to build a Hybrid IWB Holster, we decided to put a new spin on it. Traditionally Hybrid IWB holsters suffer from excessive bulk and subpar retention. The Solace has tried to address both those issues through some unique design features.

Safe, Consistent Retention
The Solace IWB is designed to fully enclose the trigger guard of your firearm in Kydex, front and back. This is achieved through an inner retention tab that allows the firearm’s trigger guard to float in Kydex. This means the gun is securely retained and will not easily fall out of the holster.

The retention doesn’t change regardless of tension on the leather. This allows the holster to have the crisp snap characteristics that all other GunfightersINC products have. This eliminates the mushy and sticky feelings that many other Hybrid Holsters display.

It also means that there is zero gap around the trigger guard, preventing any foreign objects from contacting the trigger inadvertently.


Daily Comfort
The Solace is backed with a hand beveled 7oz American barrel dyed full grain cowhide. The leather is hand beveled and burnished for a smooth, comfortable backer finish. This leather will withstand years of sweat and wear. Leather backer is slightly oversized to the Kydex shell to eliminate the possibility of Kydex edges contacting the skin and causing discomfort.

Using CAD design we have biased the firearm to the front of the Kydex shell. This eliminates pressure points against the hip and makes for a smooth, bulge free profile against the skin. This also helps with maintain a consistent draw pressure, regardless of belt tension.

Compact Form Factor
The Solace was designed to be as low-profile and unobtrusive as possible. Unlike most hybrid holsters, the Solace has a footprint not much larger than the firearm, more in line with a “taco IWB” style Holster, like our Wraith IWB. We have shrunk the holster down to the smallest size possible, leveraging our ability to build our own CNC molds, allowing us to hold the tightest tolerances to the gun as possible.


Excellent Concealment
Either in the Appendix or 5 O’clock, the Solace is contoured to hold the firearm as close to the body as possible and minimize printing at all angles. Careful attention is placed on angling the grip of the gun so that it is pulled tightly into the body to reduce printing.

Available for Pre-Order now:
The Solace Hybrid IWB is available for many popular pistols at an introductory price of $52.00.


11 Responses to “GunfightersINC releases new Solace Hybrid IWB Holster”

  1. Gerard says:

    Looks like a great design in all ways but one. They need to make belt loops an option instead of a kydex clip, I simply dont trust that kind of holster retention.

    • Burebista says:

      That clip is injection molded plastic, not kydex.

      • Mike D says:

        Injection molded Nylon 6/6 to be exact, even stronger than plastic or Kydex

    • Woody says:

      Hi Gerard,

      The clip is injection molded plastic. Would you prefer a different style of clip?

      • Gerard says:

        Id prefer belt loops if possibe, my first IWB holster was a summer special, and I understand the solace holster is a big leap in design, but belt loops really are important to me. With loops I think this holster would be perfect

  2. MiamiC70 says:

    Didn’t see option for guns with weapons lights?

    • Woody says:

      That is something we will be offering in a few months, it will take a bit more CAD work and head scratching to get the inner retention tab to interface correctly with a light. That said, we do intend to make it work.

      Just out of curiosity, what Gun/Light combo would you want?

  3. Tony says:

    Would you be able to add adjustable cant and adjustable retention options to this model?