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Nordic Components Introduces Revolutionary AR-15 Suppressor Shield Handguard System

Nordic Components NCT4

Waconia, Minnesota – Nordic Components announces the NCT4, an entirely new handguard system for short-barreled, suppressed AR-15s. This patent-pending design allows users to extend the length of their handguard when using a suppressor.

The NCT4 comes in two lengths, with either a 6.7″ or 9.5″ handguard to give maximum coverage on 7.5″ or 10.5/11.5″ barrels. The removable shield provides over 6″ of suppressor coverage and additional rail space. Both sections are fully M-LOK compatible and feature a seamless continuous top rail. Suppressor shield mounting is toolless, requiring only the push of a button to unlock the shield.

Fully compatible with standard AR15-pattern upper receivers and able to accommodate most suppressors, the NCT4 is the ultimate in protection, modularity, and mission-specificity for the suppressed short-barreled AR rifle.

“The current trend is for long handguards on AR-15 rifles, generally out to the end of the barrel. This allows more rail space and better mounting locations for accessories. Short-barreled rifles (SBRs) and AR pistols give up this option. However, Nordic Components set out to add a handguard extension when running SBR/Pistol AR-15s suppressed. The result is the NCT4 Suppressor Shield,” said Casey Knutson, Vice President at Nordic Components.

Nordic Components is currently taking pre-orders for summer delivery at NordicComp.com.


13 Responses to “Nordic Components Introduces Revolutionary AR-15 Suppressor Shield Handguard System”

  1. MidGasFan says:

    This is a pretty damn smart and an elegant solution for suppressors that have latches.

    Nordic makes some killer parts so I’m looking forward to checking this system out in person.

  2. mandaloin says:

    I was just pondering this while planning a .300 blackout build. Trying to figure out whether I wanted a short handguard so I can run unsupressed sometimes or a long handguard and lock myself to the suppressor. I guess I figured out which handguard to use now.

  3. xpoqx says:

    So I’m supposed to extend my hand guard over my suppressor so I can bake my front sight and light when I dump out the mag?

  4. Joe says:

    Neat product. I wonder, how hot does it get while holding the handguard where the suppressor is tucked away? Maybe the can still needs a thermal sleeve to protect the user from an overheated handguard.

  5. monk says:

    Cool idea except for the people who actually shoot you will fry your hand as rifle suppressors get nuclear hot in a few mags. I guess if you’re a benchrest shooter this is for you.

    Without a doubt, this will make your gun look very cool on instagram. And if you dont look cool what’s the point?

  6. B0x3R0ck says:

    The only thing that could make this any better is if we could use the dolos system with it.

  7. PTMcCain says:

    Dang good idea and implementation!

  8. Weedops says:

    What a great idea, especially if it locks up tight and return to zero is good.
    The heat from the can will still be present but like other Systems this coupled with gloves should allow someone to shoot comfortably.