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Catoma – Switchblade Modular Load Carriage System

Catoma is launching the new Switchblade Modular Load Carriage System at this week’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida. Switchblade uses the framesheet, shoulder straps, and waistbelt from the Chief Patrol pack.

As you can see from this components listing, there are several items designed specifically for use by weapon crews.

As you can see on the graphic below, there are a wide variety of configurations.

See the Switchblade in booth #1736 at SOFIC.


10 Responses to “Catoma – Switchblade Modular Load Carriage System”

  1. Lerch says:

    This hurts just looking at this modular, portable wall locker.

  2. maresdesign says:

    Nice, However there is some IP on that pivoting waistbelt from another backpack brand.

    • Luke says:

      I read that as it being under license, It would be a bold move to say that the frame belt and straps were from a pack that you weren’t licensing, although the straps look different enough it seems odd to compare them.

  3. Buzz says:

    Looks like yet another company is ripping off Mystery Ranch. Imitation might be the best form of flattery, but this is blatant.

    • SSD says:

      You do realize that the Chief was a SOCOM pack designed by Granite Gear, until just recently, right?

  4. Luke says:

    Those surface mount buckles on the shoulder straps scare the daylights out of me, no matter how they reinforced them.

    Otherwise, looks like a great system, nice to see a whole pack suite released at once so you can see the whole thing at once.

  5. redbeard says:

    Decent in concept, poor in execution.

  6. Leon Vickers says:

    This is a Game Changer!!!