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SOFIC – SIG Electro-Optics ROMEO4T

The SIG ROMEO4T is a 1×20 red dot sight with a CR2032 backup and Solar Panel primary power source along the top. Using solar power and battery backup, you can expect in excess of 100,000 hours.

It is made from 7075 Aluminum and comes with a hexnut fastener on the 1/3 co-witness spacer.

Additionally, it is available with one of two sets of four, user selectable reticles (Ballistic Circle-dot and CirclePlex). The sight also comes standard with solid and see through lens covers.

Tested to Mil-Spec 810G, submersible to 20 meters, the is also an “H” model which doesn’t offer the solar power source.


11 Responses to “SOFIC – SIG Electro-Optics ROMEO4T”

  1. Sammytheseal says:

    Love rebranded holosun…. even better when these chinese made scopes are being issued to doj, dhs law enforcement personnel because of a price point versus proven systems like aimpoints.

    • Cuvie says:

      These models are not made in China and are more rugged unlike the Romeo4A-C which is why they are also a lot more expensive

      • Where are these made ?

        • Mike says:

          I have been told that the 4M and 4T are made or assembled in So. Cal. The 4M is pretty tough. Sig Academy guys have been beating them up and they appear to be holding up well.

          • BS says:

            Well, knowing that US companies are crazy about their products being “Made in USA”, lack of any information on the Sig sights regarding the manufacturing location makes me think they are manufacturing those offshore.

  2. Hank says:

    Does it uses the aimpoint micro pattern mounts?

    • Evi1joe says:

      Many of the Holosun versions do.
      SIG does not use Aimpoint-style mounts.

  3. Jake says:

    Aimpoint is pricing themselves out of the market. I love them and they are rugged but name branding can only go so far.

    These “cheap” and “budget” optics are getting a lot of criticism but as more agencies adopt them and they get a track record of reliability it will put a nail in the $700 dollar red dot producers.

  4. MidGasFan says:

    Larry, according to the Sig rep I spoke with recently, these along with most of the scopes and range finders, are being made in Tualatin, OR, which is a few dozen miles south of Portland.

    • Scott says:

      I visited the Tualatin, OR facility today. President Any York gave me a tour and answered my questions. (if you don’t know Andy, he is an optics industry veteran.
      Holosun does not make their own optics, another party does. SIG has secured all of that parties production with the exception of what they provide to Holosun. They ROMEO5’s go thru SIG’s QC department here in Oregon before being boxed and shipped to NH. This is only for the entry level ROMEO5. The ROMEO4 is assembled in OR with components from USA & Japan. (you would be surprised to hear the list of “made in the US” companies that buy their glass from Japan). Andy told me that they are moving to a larger facility and will continue to move more & more production in house. I saw some really cool shit, that comes from putting computers inside the scopes.
      I asked Andy if I could pass his contact info to Soldier Systems, when they make their next PNW swing for a visit. He ok’d it.