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SOFIC – 7.62 G2 DMR

SIG has introduced an updated version of the 716 G2 DMR refered to as the G2. 716 is an AR – style 7.62mm rifle with ambidextrous controls, two positions adjustable gas valve, 16″ hammer forge barrel and a short stroke gas piston system. Designated Marksman Rifle enhancements include a two stage match trigger and a 20 MOA top rail. Additionally, the 716 accepts SR25 magazines.

Much of the updates center around weight reduction bring it down to 8.7 lbs with magazine. For instance, the rifle incorporates a light weight KeyMod hand guard.

Offered in FDE and black.



9 Responses to “SOFIC – 7.62 G2 DMR”

  1. Patrick Shamsuddoha says:

    why can’t they give us the folding stock MCX-MR prototype they submited to the CSASS program, that gun looked really good !!

  2. Mark says:

    I’m guessing they may want to rethink the KeyMod hand guard.

    • Jbgleason says:

      A little hard to believe Sig didn’t swap that out for a M-LOK part in the weeks before SOFIC. Don’t those guys read SSD???

      • charlie says:

        It takes more than a few weeks for a large company like Sig to completely change their manufacturing line for a totally different standard. M-lok is coming, but will take a few months.

        • jbgleason says:

          Not talking about retooling the entire product line, I am talking about ONE RIFLE they are displaying at a major trade show. Besides that, the comment was obviously tongue in cheek with the “don’t they read SSD” reference. Lighten up Francis.

  3. J says:

    Like Patrick said, can I get a folding stock and how about throwing in a M-Lok rail instead (especially considering the recent testing by USSOCOM).

  4. Gerard says:

    Its still heavier than the POF 7.62

  5. Marcus says:

    Wow. And it even accepts SR25 magazines without adding another potential point of failure 🙂