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Sako TRG 22 Jubilee Model

Sako is manufacturing a limited edition of numbered Sako TRG 22 “Finland 100” sniper rifles with white Finnish camouflage.

The TRG 22 “Finland 100” jubilee model is offered in .308 and the white snow camouflage pays homage to the heroes of the Winter War.

The Sako TRG 22 “Finland 100” sniper rifle has the text “Finland 100”, and the gun’s serial number, laser-engraved on its frame. The rifle is packaged in a carry case with a jubilee knife with the same engravings as the rifle itself. The jubilee model also comes with two magazines, bipod, muzzle brake and removable open sights.

Total length 1000mm
Barrel length 510mm
Weight 4,7kg

Open sights Standard
Picatinny-rail or Weaver base Optional

Double stage trigger Standard

10 round Detachable Magazine

Black bolt Standard
Muzzle brake Optional
Muzzle thread Standard
Phosphatized steel parts Optional


One Response to “Sako TRG 22 Jubilee Model”

  1. PTMcCain says:

    And to think what they accomplished with iron sights on Finnish Mosins! Imagine if they had these to use.