Hyperstealth Supplies USMC With OPFOR Camouflage

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp displayed their new USMC OPFOR (Opposing Force) camouflage in the ADS Inc booth during last week’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference.

This is not the cut of uniform adopted by the Marines for use by their OPFOR. Instead, their uniforms use this camouflaged fabric but are in the MCCUU cut. Below is a close up of the pattern.


39 Responses to “Hyperstealth Supplies USMC With OPFOR Camouflage”

  1. Stan says:

    Where do the Marines have a full time OPFOR unit that it makes sense to spend money on an additional uniform? 29 Palms? In my day OPFOR was “volunteers” (Really picked by there SNCO’s.) and you had about 2 hours notice, at best. Maybe your turned your woodland blouse inside out, or just went with T-shirts. Or if you were a “guerrilla” force maybe you got to wear blue jeans and athletic shoes.

    • Guy Cramer says:

      This pattern is much more effective in the Near Infrared (night vision spectrum), to allow the Marines they are training to better understand how to fight against an adversary that doesn’t stand out in that spectrum.

      • mike says:

        Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Guy. Good looking pattern as well!

  2. Y.T. says:

    Nice pattern. Exotic enough to be foreign looking and it’s not being used elsewhere within the DOD so it minimizes the odds of either mistaken identity or fratricide.

  3. Bushman says:

    Waiting for a mandatory comment about “there is no pure black and pure white in nature”.

    • Tim says:

      Look at a picture of light shining through a canopy onto vegetation and tell me you don’t see white in nature. It’s not only about natural colors, but how sunlight affects those colors.

      • Bushman says:

        Are you telling it to me?

        • Unimog says:

          Check out brent0331 on YouTube, look up the brezka white video and tell me it doesn’t work, I summertime Texas no less.

    • DangerMouse says:

      Yeah, I love those too. I always like asking them what they think they know that black bears, black birds, black snakes, black angus hamberger meat… er I mean cows, black sable antelope, jaguars, and black panthers don’t know.

      • Ed says:

        Because nobody is “hunting” then w/ NODs in a warfare environment you Nimcompoop!

      • Ed says:

        Crickets, huh???

      • Darkhorse says:

        Or… the burnt tree trunks in areas that have controlled burn or lightning initiated fires… yeah that never happens in nature. My two black cats step into the bushes and disappear. As well, in Panama, I watched a stealthy black panther slinking thru the jungle floor- barely visible.

        Anyone that cites “black doesn’t exist” likely was never in the infantry and likely never spent any time in the woods at Ft. Benning…

        • Ed says:

          Again……….when on NODs, anything that is “synthetic” black i.e., not a “natural nature” version, will SHOW UP IN INFRA-RED!!

          All Ya’ll stop bein ga bunch of butt-puzzies!

          • Eli says:

            He’s right, ya know?

            Look at a group of Marines in a treeline while using NVGs. First thing you notice is the black rifles standing out like a sore thumb.

            • Ed says:

              Sooo, are we the only two on this “sub-thread” that have used NODs in RW Ops and can see how our own personnel look when/if the enemy has NV as well???

  4. Tim says:

    Looks like a Orion Design Group ripoff to me.

  5. Bob says:

    Looks bloody similar to afghans commando camoflauge…. infact, im sure its just a few pallet tweaks. 101 on How to keep friends…

    • DangerMouse says:

      That makes sense, doesn’t Hyperstealth also make the Afghan camo?

    • Rowan11b says:

      Same pattern that their counter terror guys use, I have a notebook cover in it.

  6. Samuel Suggs says:

    I saw this in use it was not in Mccuu cut however. That may have been a prototype variant but it appeared to be acu cut.

    • Guy Cramer says:

      Yes the Marines ordered their uniforms in their MCCUU cut. As this is a prototype uniform, we used the hyperstealth cut (a mixture of U.S., Canadian and British uniform features). If I wear the uniform at a trade show, I can’t have and USMC badges which is why we used Velcro on this uniform.

  7. STEPAN1983 says:

    I dont get it. Whats the point of wasting money on a complicated licensed pattern for opfor training, when you can just order something simple and cheap with different colors, like Woodland or Marpat

    • BillC says:

      1) I guess the Marines should have consulted you first, that could have saved them untold sums of money. I mean, who needs to invest in better training?
      2)Woodland pattern BDUs are not in great supply.

      • egg says:

        If I’ve learned anything from reading SSD, it’s to not put blind trust into services choosing the right camo, that goes for both cost AND performance.

    • Klip says:

      My conspiratorial side also suspects someone is doing a low-key evaluation of this pattern or similar against MARPAT. MARPAT is old, and its design philosophy is old, and Army got to get a new camo.

      • jon says:

        So much of me wants that to be the case.

        I would rather see the Corps go with Multicam but it seems that wouldn’t be special enough for it.

    • Guy Cramer says:

      Because this pattern is much more effective in the Near Infrared (night vision spectrum), to allow the Marines they are training to better understand how to fight against an adversary that doesn’t stand out in that spectrum.

    • Sal says:

      1) woodland BDU is NOT effective at night.

      2) Using MARPAT increases the risk of fratricide.

  8. STEPAN1983 says:

    I mean, like British did once – DPM in blue color

  9. Matt says:

    Couldn’t just use some surplus ACUPAT? Or OD?

    Anyway, I like the pattern, but it seems like it is too “small” and would just turn into a solid-ish color at any distance.

    Standing by for an in-the-know lecture about not understanding the *real* operational requirements. Us taxpayers don’t have to like it, just pay the bills.

    • Unimog says:

      Better option would be to use the air forces tiger stripe uniform ,plenty of existing stock and has never gotten dirty. Not to mention it looks like something a third world Army would use..