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UF Pro’s Guide to Close Combat

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Today UF PRO® are releasing a three part exclusive video series called the Pro’s Guide to Close Combat, showcasing Special Forces instructors demonstrate effective close combat skills, to cope with diverse and challenging situations. These expert videos outline the necessity of free and easy body movement in terms of tactical attire, which is crucial in overcoming complex combat situations successfully.

These extremely professionally shot, realistic videos exhibit an array of situations in different environments such as park and rooftop settings. The footage style is fast moving and dynamic, yet focuses on each of the combat manoeuvres demonstrated in a super slow motion context. In an additional video, the individual moves are explained clearly, broken down into smaller, easy to learn steps.

In Part 1 of the series, learning how to deal with hand to hand combat is showcased, outlining a breakdown of moves in this situation and how to master them. It displays how understanding your body in motion, during these scenarios is pivotal and that the gear you wear is instrumental in allowing flexibility of movement.

In defence against cold weapons, Part 2 illustrates how to overcome opponents with speed and agility when under attack by weapons such as knives or sticks. This could happen at any time so you need to be equipped with the necessary attire to competently conquer your opponent.

Part 3 focuses on dealing with close combat against and with firearms. It highlights how to react when attacked in close proximity and how to use firearms in these instances, without actually shooting the opponent.
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One Response to “UF Pro’s Guide to Close Combat”

  1. Hank Hayes says:

    These sound really excellent. I’m looking forward to reviewing them and keeping my skills sharp!