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High Threat Concealment – “When the Threat is Real, Reach for the HTC Quick Response System (QRS)”


Newport News, VA— 5/26/17 — Today High Threat Concealment (HTC™) introduced an addition to its lineup of popular modular gun belt systems. The Quick Response System was designed to answer the demand for a scalable rig that enables users to keep their most vital equipment always at the ready. The QRS™ comes standard with a Vantage™ OWB Holster, a built-to-order 3-piece Magazine Panel and a 2-piece Tactical Cobra Belt that includes an under-belt and a removable Micro Grip Panel.

In today’s world, threats materialize quickly and without notice. Those who stand ready to defend their families, our communities, and country require solutions that can be brought to bear just as quickly. When every second counts, you want your defensive pistol and additional ammunition within reach and at the ready. Using AustriAlpin’s fast-attach / quick-release Cobra Buckle, it takes only seconds to arm yourself with the tools needed to defend, survive, and prevail. When used with the Micro Grip Panel, the system can be secured around the waist without the need for under-belt or even pant belt loops to keep it stabilized while protecting skin and clothing from the interior Velcro® brand hook lining. For additional stability, the included under-belt can be used in place of the Micro Grip. It will lock the equipment in place without the need for cumbersome and time-consuming belt keepers.


The QRS comes with a 1.75″ Tactical Cobra Belt, standard 1.75″ under-belt, and Micro Grip Panel. Add another layer of convenience by upgrading your under-belt to HTC’s Everyday Tactical Belt (EDT™). The EDT allows for quick attach and detach of the QRS or it can be worn by itself as an everyday carry belt. This system will also work with our Low Pro Belt™ when maximum concealment is desired. Belts come in Black or Coyote Tan. Customers have the option of ordering in just one color or two, as pictured below.


The Vantage™ Holster and Mag Panel™ is made to order from premium grade Boltaron® in either black or flat dark earth (FDE). Holsters are custom built to match the specific make and weapon model, along with most after-market features and many popular weapon mounted lights. Every HTC Holster/Mag Panel is then hand finished, inspected, and checked for proper fitment using the actual weapon or magazine and accessory combination as ordered. The QRS ships already assembled on the Tactical Cobra Belt with the Micro Grip Panel attached to the interior lining. Instructions on the use of the under-belt are included. Additional pouches or radios can be added to further customize the rig based on user applications. Customers can contact HTC’s customer service team for suggestions on upgrades.

About HTC – Founded in 2012, High Threat Concealment (HTC™) is a veteran owned business specializing in low profile tactical equipment for close protection and/or low visibility operations in both permissive and non-permissive environments. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to maintain low visibility without sacrificing your ability to effectively react to and engage a threat.

Quick Response Systems start at $395 and can be found at www.highthreatconcealment.com.


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