CANSEC 2017 – GLOCK 17M/19M Available for Agency Order in Canada Through Rampart International

The title says it all. Agencies and departments in Canada may place orders for the 17M and 19M through Rampart International.

I had the opportunity to shoot the Glock 17M during Rampart Internationals range day earlier this week. you can’t base a review on firing a single magazines worth of ammunition but I like the pistol. In addition to firing it myself I observed others as well. Here’s a photo of a 17M with a standard 17 model for comparison.


Most glaring is the ambi slide lock. Although they wouldn’t let me photograph the internals, once you get your hands on one you’ll notice some similarities to the 42/43. Additionally, this is a two pin gun and will only be offered in 9mm variants. However, I wouldn’t say it’s too much conjecture to anticipate these changes being rolled into a Gen 5 line in the future.

Cosmetically, you’ll note a new, slightly darker and tougher coating on the slide, rounded business end like on the compacts and they’ve gotten rid of the finger grooves on the grip. Additionally, they’ve integrated a slightly flared magwell molded into the grip.

I’m looking forward to purchasing one of these, once they become available.

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7 Responses to “CANSEC 2017 – GLOCK 17M/19M Available for Agency Order in Canada Through Rampart International”

  1. CK says:

    Hopefully they release the M line as it’s own line and not just rebrand it as the Gen5.

  2. Chris K. says:

    SSD is the grip angle the same as a standard Glock?

  3. MidGasFan says:

    I like the bit of “bull nosing” done to the front of the slide. What I’m not sure of is why this was left off of the G43, which would really benefit from it.

  4. CAVstrong says:

    Dumb question but is the “M” line Glock’s submission for the MHS competition.
    I’ve noticed Beretta and FN have released their submissions commercially.