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FORC3 Partners with Calian to Bring a World-Class Combat Vehicle Virtual Training System to the Canadian Army

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

The FORC3 team, comprised of multiple Canadian industry-leading land defence solution providers, continues to develop its comprehensive solution for the upcoming Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) program. As FORC3 prepares for the final stage of the program, its partners are pleased to announce that Calian Ltd., a well-established integrated training solution provider, has joined the team.

Calian is a preferred provider within the Canadian defence community, as well as for numerous NATO allies. With 25 years of experience delivering robust and relevant simulation and training services for the Canadian Army and NATO, Calian is on the forefront of innovative exercise design and execution support in a rapidly evolving defence environment. 

In addition to its military training expertise, Calian is an industry leader in customized multi-domain data interoperability and integration support that enhances both learning and operational decision-making. With a range of products including the Virtual Command and Control Interface (VCCI)) Tool Suite, Calian can federate multiple simulation, C4ISR, and AI-enabled data analytics systems to support cutting-edge training and deliver comprehensive after-action reviews.

The FORC3 partnership

FORC3 includes leading Canadian defence, service, infrastructure, and simulation companies: Rheinmetall Canada (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu), Lockheed Martin Canada (Ottawa), the ADGA Group (Ottawa), Bluedrop Training and Simulation (Halifax), EllisDon Construction and Building Services (London), and REDspace Incorporated (Halifax). Now joined by Calian Ltd., the FORC3 team is strategically positioned to offer the very best training technology and develop Canada’s exportable, industrial, and operational capability.

Collectively, the FORC3 partners currently operate more than 40 global training centres to Canada’s key allies, including NATO and the Five-Eyes Alliance.

“Calian complements FORC3’s technical and operational capabilities. We are very excited and confident that our combined solution and experience represents a compelling value proposition for the Canadian Army” says Pietro Mazzei, CEO of Rheinmetall Canada.

“Calian is thrilled to bring its advanced simulation and interoperability solutions to the forefront of the FORC3 partnership,” stated Donald Whitty, President of Learning at Calian. “With our proven track record in designing and executing comprehensive, multi-domain training environments, we are uniquely equipped to enhance the operational readiness and effectiveness of the Canadian Army.” 

CANSEC 24 – Millbrook Tactical

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Millbrook Tactical represents OAC Skinbased for the tactical market in Canada and they have released a 160 cm version of their popular military ski.

The extra length helps it to float better over the snow. Additionally, AOC Skinbased skis feature an integrated skin to facilitate uphill movements.

CANSEC 24 – Logistik Unicorp

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

One of the main reasons I attend CANSEC each year is to see what Logistik Unicorp is up to. They have a long history of innovation as well as working on some great projects. Case in point are the concept uniforms for a new Canadian Army Service Dress.

From a design standpoint, the cut is mindful of World War II dress uniforms with the belt and pleated patch pockets. This falls in line with the nostalgic direction the US Army has taken as well as well as the CANSOF dress uniform which debuted at CANSEC 2017.

Both male and female versions have been created, including skirt options for the ladies. The fabric is an Olive polywool twill with Khaki polycotton for the shirts.

The proposed new color takes the Canadian Army away from the current Rifle Green and returns them to a Lovat hue which reminds me of their Commonwealth membership. It’s decidedly a more martial color as well.

There are loads of features on these garments. One of them that I hope makes it into the final garment is the inclusion of the stable belt, another uniform item long associated with Commonwealth armies. Additionally, they currently foresee buttons for each Regiment.

It’s important to note that these are still concepts at this point and we hope to follow up soon with more information on this project.


Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

I dropped into 2024 CANSEC in Ottawa to check out the latest in soldier systems wares. Presented by CADSI, the show is rather large in scope and covers all of the warfighting domains.

CANSEC 2024: Rheinmetall to Display its Complete Range of Mission Master Autonomous Vehicles for the Very First Time

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Rheinmetall is set to impress attendees at Canada’s foremost defence industry event by showcasing, for the very first time, all three Mission Master vehicle variants. The Mission Master SP, XT, as well as the very latest addition to the family, the CXT, will all be on display, allowing visitors to discover the unique capabilities of each vehicle.

In addition to its Uncrewed Ground Systems (UGSs), Rheinmetall will display its Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator, so that delegates can test the vehicles first-hand in a virtual, yet realistic environment.

Rheinmetall will also present the MSU-GP 200T Air Start Unit (ASU), the Solar?Shield fabric, and the Polaris MRZR-D4 equipped with the PATH autonomy kit. Additional vehicle solutions designed in collaboration with partnering companies will also be on display at the outdoor booth.

Rheinmetall Mission Master family:

• The Mission Master SP is a compact UGS with a low-signature electric motor and amphibious capabilities, and therefore an invaluable asset when silence is a must.

• The larger Rheinmetall Mission Master CXT and XT vehicles can tackle ice and snow, as well as sandy, rocky, and mountainous topography. Their advanced amphibious capabilities allow them to float and swim while maintaining their full payload capacity of 1000 kg.

The CXT is slightly smaller than the XT and has hybrid propulsion, meaning it can silently transport heavy payloads.

The XT is the largest Mission Master vehicle and is diesel powered.

Rheinmetall PATH A-Kit: This world-leading AI-powered navigation system is installed on all Mission Master UGS vehicles and is agnostic, meaning it can drive almost any military and commercial vehicle. To demonstrate the agnostic capacity of the PATH A-Kit, Rheinmetall will display its light tactical MRZR-D4 vehicle from Polaris.

TAK integration: Rheinmetall offers an extensive Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) integration service, including the development of tailored plugins to meet the most specific needs. Visitors will be able to test the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), which is integrated on all Mission Master vehicles, first-hand at the indoor booth.

MSU-GP 200T: The MSU-GP 200T is the only turbine-powered ASU on the market. It is lighter to deploy and more compact than diesel engine units. Proven across the globe in extreme weather environments, the MSU-GP is both reliable and versatile. It can also be transported by air and aboard naval carriers. Visitors will be able to discover this unique solution at the outdoor booth.

SolarShield: Pronounced solar sigma shield, this simple and affordable solution is a patented fabric designed and tested by Defence Research and Development Canada, and selected to equip the Australian Defence Force’s new Redback IFV. It allows a significant solar heat load reduction on systems by natural air convection and artificial shadow. The SolarShield also allows multispectral signature management against thermal, visual, near infrared, radar, and ultraviolet detection. Visitors will be able to discover the SolareShield technology at the outdoor booth.

Common Heavy Equipment Replacement (CHER) project: Rheinmetall Canada will join forces with JCB and other OEMs in pursuit of Canada’s CHER project. This initiative will provide the Canadian Armed Forces with dependable and sustainable heavy support equipment for the next generation of deployable and effective earth-working and cargo-handling capabilities. The High Mobility Engineer Excavator from JCB will be on display at Rheinmetall’s outdoor booth.

Domestic Arctic Mobility Enhancement (DAME) project: Rheinmetall Canada will partner with UTV International in pursuit of the DAME project, which aims to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with a high mobility vehicle platform that can move sufficient personnel, equipment, and resources over different terrains during all seasons faced by operations in Canada’s North and Arctic. The “Voyager” from UTV International will be on display at Rheinmetall’s outdoor booth.

As Canada reinforces its commitment to protect the High Arctic and as partnerships with our global allies continue to become increasingly important, Rheinmetall’s display will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to discover the company’s comprehensive range of defence solutions. Also, having recently been awarded the Progressive Aboriginal Relations Level 2 Committed certification through the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business, Rheinmetall Canada’s team looks forward to exchanging with delegates from across Canada. 

Colt Canada to Showcase New C8A4 Carbine During This Week’s Rampart Range Day & CANSEC

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Colt Canada will be showcasing its C8A4 carbine as the conceptual prototype for the Canadian military’s ‘Canadian Modular Assault Rifle’ program at the upcoming Rampart Range Day on May 28 and the CANSEC 2024 trade show in Ottawa, ON Canada May 29 & 30.

I’m looking forward to seeing this as these guys are very much a dark horse in the small arms field, and consistently punch above their weight, having been selected by the Danish and Dutch armed forces as their principal small arms supplier, UK SF with the L119 family of carbines, as well as other NATO and allied SF and tactical law enforcement agencies worldwide.

CANSEC 23 – GMC Defense

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

GMC Defense exhibited their Infantry Squad Vehicle which is based in the Chevy Colorado ZR2 as well as this prototype Light Utility Vehicle which is based in the Silverado HD. Both can be manufactured in Canada and are well positioned to fulfill DND’s Light Utility Vehicle requirement which is part of the Light Forces Enhancement initiative and will replace the G-Wagens and MCOTS Chevy Silverados currently in service

CANSEC 23 – Logistik Unicorp Develops Hemp Based Uniform Fabric

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Logistik Unicorp’s hemp uniform fabric continues to move forward. Having proven it can be done, including printing, they have moved to improve the characteristics of the fabric including comfort and durability.

The plain weave fabric contains ~25% hemp and has a breaking strength of 900 N for both warp and weft.