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Blade Show 2017 – American Kami M91 Dagger

This is American Kami’s M91 Dagger. It is .275″ thick and sports a DLC coated 4.125″ blade made from Shock Steel which is normally used for high impact tool and die as well as Jackhammer blades. This full-tang design has an overall length of 8.4″. It has G10 handles and all parts and labor are not only 100% Made in USA but all of the parts are custom. There are no off the shelf parts in this knife. The price is $429.



3 Responses to “Blade Show 2017 – American Kami M91 Dagger”

  1. Looks like a nice take on the Applegate dagger!

  2. Thanks guys. Glad you like. These are part of a three piece family of daggers. I wanted to do my interpretation of the Gerber Guardian/Mark series of knives from the 80’s. And now, here they are.