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Trijicon RMR Type 2 Leaked Released

The bad boys at G&R Tactical shared this image of promotional literature for a new RMR Type 2. It’s now available on Trijicon’s website.

According to the product sheet, Trijicon has improved the battery contacts. Additionally, there’s a button lockout mode as well as a battery conservation mode which auto adjusts to ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours of inactivity.

As far as settings go, there are eight settings, including two night vision and one super bright setting. The CR2032 battery will last for four years on brightness setting four, or for five years in dark storage.

Finally, the RMR Type 2 still features a 3.5 moa dot. Their unique housing shape also resists damage to the glass in the event it’s dropped and the RMR Type 2 is still waterproof to 20m.  And yes, it is compatible with all current RMR mounting solutions.


10 Responses to “Trijicon RMR Type 2 Leaked Released”

  1. Burned says:

    “as well as a battery conservation mode which auto adjusts to ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours of inactivity.”

    Can this be turned on / off by user?

    Would love to see Trijicon or Aimpoint come out with mini red dot that can be “quick thrown” somehow off of a handgun, yet still be solid and hold zero (smaller solution than 6-second mount).

  2. Dellis says:

    I have an Trijicon RMR which I have mounted on my G19 MOS and it must be a lemon cause it always goes out every 2 or 3 shots. Then I need to flick it for it to come back on…so darn frustrating! When it works it’s a great tool, maybe there’s a short or just a bad contact.

    • ptmccain says:

      Precisely my experience too, brother. Dot on. Dot off.

      And I said [insert inappropriate language here].

    • alex says:

      The battery might be losing contact during recoil.

      See if you can shim some electrical tape under the battery and the slide.

    • alex says:

      otherwise contact Trijicon, they have great CS.

    • Chris K. says:

      The battery is losing contact. Bend the contact point outward a good bit and use a sealing plate.

    • Mark says:

      Get the Battlewerx Anti-Flicker Sealing Plate for Trijicon RMR.

      It has eliminated all battery contact issues in all of my pistol mounted RMRs.

      Also, the Battlewerx sealing plate is made from stainless steel, so it will not rust, like the Trijicon factory sealing plate does.

  3. ptmccain says:

    I walked away from the RMR on pistols after giving it a really good try…frankly…I find that simply learning how to shoot is better than adding an RMR to the mix.

    On the other hand..very cool, light red dot optic, to be sure, on a rifle or shotgun, but I’m not sure that 99% of the people buying these overpriced Trijicon products need them.

    I’m doing fine with Vortex’s RMR.

    • Mark says:

      Learning how to properly shoot RMR equipped handguns improves one’s ability to shoot iron sight only handguns, because it exposes flaws in the shooter’s fundamental skills: presentation of the weapon and sight acquisition of the target.

      Also, the RMR equipped handgun has numerous advantages over iron sights, such as increased focus on target, shooting in conjunction with NVD, shooting from compromised/compressed positions (ballistic shield), shooting with older eyes, etc.

  4. Sammytheseal says:

    Wow looks like we gained nothing here from trijicon. I was hoping for a gen 2 version of the rmr for a while that would competewith other red dots on the market and with operator in mind, and that trijicon would be listening to the end user. Slighly bigger fov, a battery compartment on top similar to the leupold deltapoint which negate you needing to remove the optic and losing zero, THIS also would of solved the battery contact issue. Looks like a gen 2 version with barely any changes…fail!