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Sneak Peek – Triple Aught Design’s Spectre Carry System 

This is a sneak peek at Triple Aught Design’s upcoming Spectre Carry System configured for Fly Fishing.

Look for it in two weeks.


12 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Triple Aught Design’s Spectre Carry System ”

  1. Shozo says:

    Hill People Gear.

    • Jeremy says:

      Honestly I’m surprised it has taken this long for someone to make a derivative of their designs.

    • LowSpeed says:

      No, Triple Aught Design. Read the title bud.

      Nice to see HPG has some innovative sparking competition on this type of gear and we have more options. I’m sure the good folks at HPG will continue to make great stuff.

    • Jon says:

      That’s the first thing I thought when I saw this. But I also thought of the fishing PFD’s you can get from cabelas. Like some of the others have said, I’m surprised it took this long for similar product to be released to the market.

  2. Jason Lee says:

    ^^Was about to say the exact same thing. And less bulked out with “features.”

  3. Marmatt says:

    This has an interesting fabric story. At first glance it looks like a heathered woven fabric, then on closer inspection it resembles a non-woven laminate. The TAD website says that it’s an X-Pac derivative, which was once widely used by Wild Things in their climbing packs. The TAD site also confirmed my memory that it was originally used in high performance racing sailcloth.
    My guess is that the material doesn’t take dye well which is why you end up with the greyscale palette.

    As an integrated system it looks promising but I won’t be trading in my HPG RKB any time soon. The urethane coated zippers on the TAD bag are nice for weather and dust protection but I find that they bind and I’m guessing would be slow on the “draw.”

    • Rob Collins says:

      If I didn’t have a Koala and a Koala lite, I’d have a HPG… But, I like cordura for packs.. Off trail, I just can’t imagine it not being noisy or shredded, one or the other…

  4. d says:

    Just the other day I was thinking about setting up an HPG kit bag for fly fishing.

    • Rob Collins says:

      The Kifaru works great for it, and the Hill brothers helped design the Koala, I’m pretty sure…

  5. Luke says:

    There were chest packs before HPG and there will be chest packs after HPG. I think we should set a high bar for distinction on a similar product, but it is a disservice to the market to critique ANYTHING vaguely chest mounted too heavily as a knock-off or directly derivative.

    To my eyes this has no independent harness (it could, just not shown), has no concealment compartment, and a totally distinct fabric and zipper story (fabric looks to be the non-woven polyester laminate that Flowfold calls “lite skin”) and as such has earned a pass on any real hazing. The whole pack-on-race-vest-on-front-pack isn’t my cup of tea, but it does look like reasonably innovative.

  6. Bryce says:

    TADs marketing has really gone down hill with the departure of Patrick Ma. They used to have much better photography. Now it’s 1 guy seemingly going out by the creek with his iPhone.

    Products are also not what they used to be. The gear is looking to be more trendy than utility. I.e. noisy fabrics.

  7. Aye says:

    Someone leave the static on the tv? Lol.