PRIME Announces Ammunition Subscription Service


Introducing PRIME Ammunition’s Shootscription™ Service

Las Vegas, NV, June 12, 2017– PRIME Ammunition is now offering an ammunition subscription service, dubbed Shootscription™, with the aim of providing more convenience to their customers. PRIME’s program has been designed to offer shooters of any volume the ability to accurately forecast their ammunition requirements with the convenience and peace of mind often absent when taking on the task of reordering consumables. PRIME Ammunition is able to offer this service with an unprecedented guarantee of price and availability due to their exclusive manufacturing partnership with RUAG Ammotec, the world renowned Swiss munitions company.

“You hear it pretty regularly from people who come out with new products…I worked with a talented team to build something that I personally wanted and would use on a regular basis.”, says Jim O’Shaughnessy, PRIME’s founder and CEO. He continued, “but PRIME’s Shootscripition™ service was born from the basics of how I train: I enjoy shooting, I shoot the same calibers and loads on a regular basis, I don’t enjoy shopping for ammunition, it bugs me when I can’t find the products I like, I don’t like it when prices go up, and I understand what my time is worth.”

When asked what the catch was, O’Shaughnessy replied, “It really is as simple as that. To have an uninterrupted supply of very dependable ammunition at a fair price that I don’t have to think about is the goal…it just shows up at my door on a regular basis with no contractual gotchas – that’s valuable to me. I hope our PRIME customers find Shootscriptions™ valuable and convenient as well.”

PRIME has set up their zero fee service with Shootscriber™ exclusive benefits like discounted pricing on all products, complete scalability for every type of shooter, free shipping for orders over $250 per interval, exclusive promotions, sales, and giveaways, as well as a complete guarantee of delivery and stable price.

Long time PRIME customer, multi discipline shooter and instructor, Michael Furrer, offered this testimony as to why PRIME Ammunition is his go to source for quality ammo and why Shootscriptions™ make sense to him, “I’m a business owner and rifle coach, working with juniors in Olympic style shooting and as a volunteer coach for the police department in my area. My precision long range experience began 40 years ago while in the Army. I made the decision to shoot PRIME Ammo for two primary reasons. First was quality. This ammunition is some of the most accurate consistent I have ever fired and consistency is the name of the game in long range precision shooting. The second is time. I enjoy spending my time on the range shooting, competing, coaching kids, and relaxing with my family. Why in the world would I spend my time at the reloading bench when I can get PRIME Ammunition at a competitive price? And now with an automated subscription option like this, PRIME is an even more obvious choice.”

Shootscriptions™ are available now and can be managed via your customer account dashboard. For more information, please visit


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