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ADS Federal Range Day – Optics 1 I-CUGR

The Optics 1 Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-Mounted Rangefinder is Picatinny compatible and will Range man-sized targets out to 1300m (+/- 1m) and vehicles out to 2500m. That’s thanks to the Vectronix 3013 Module with all lasers operating on the same optical plane.


In addition to Range dividing, it offers a Visible laser, IR laser and IR flood light as well as a Night Vision mode.


Now, it’s also compatible with Kestrel weather meters integrating the Applied Ballistics software. Connecting via Bluetooth, the I-CUGR displays accurate holds.


I-CUGR is 5.96″ x 2.84″ x 1.80″, weighs 12 oz and is powered by a single CR123A battery which provides over 3000 ranging events.


The I-CUGR in these photos is attached to a CADEX Guardian.


One Response to “ADS Federal Range Day – Optics 1 I-CUGR”

  1. Fritzthedog says:

    I hope that the warranty on this is better that the standard one-year that Vectronix civilian units have previously had.