Newly Patented Shotgun Shell Holder Speeds Reloading of Shotguns

CHAMPLIN, MN. — Fractions of seconds can cost lives. This couldn’t be more true than when reaching for a shotgun shell under duress to load an empty shotgun. Accessibility, repeatability, and ease of use are key to enabling minimally trained shotgunners to stay focused on the target instead of fumbling for more shells.

That’s why the AmmoPAL shotgun shell holder is both revolutionary and simple. The product designed and created by Strike Hard Gear LLC has recently been granted US Patent No. 9,453,695 for its Ammunition Dispensing Receptacle. The patent includes 14 claims regarding the retention and dispensing of ammunition in a manually operated spring loaded side-release dispenser.

Todd Luebke, inventor and owner of Strike Hard Gear LLC, said the newly issued patent will “serve as the foundation to our vision of providing a broad array of ammunition carry solutions for low capacity firearms.”
Not ones to rest on their laurels, Strike Hard Gear LLC continues to make improvements to the AmmoPAL to satisfy increasing customer demands. The company also recently expanded it’s color options to include Flat Dark Earth. A third color option — OD Green — is said to be in the offing later this summer. The original black option, of course, remains.

“Words cannot express my appreciation for the supportive feedback of our customers and the dedication of our engineering and production partners,” Luebke said. “They’re the ones who made this a robust and easy to use product for the rest of us.”

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12 Responses to “Newly Patented Shotgun Shell Holder Speeds Reloading of Shotguns”

  1. Bryce says:

    “Fractions of seconds can cost lives. This couldn’t be more true than when reaching for a shotgun shell under duress to load an empty shotgun.” Come on man. It’s a cool device, just show us how it works. Don’t drop this nonsense.

  2. Another Ed says:

    Or you could use a box magazine fed shotgun such as the Saiga 12 and eliminate the fumbling under duress with individual shotgun shells.

    • Jack Griffin says:

      …but what if I like reliability in my shotgun?

      What agency is issuing Saiga 12s, again?

    • Gerard says:

      There is a reason why Saiga’s arnt used for 3 gun, those suckers arnt reliable

  3. james says:

    I have had a couple of these… they are well made and work great… duck hunting no fumbling for the box of shells in your pouch… right there and oriented the same way every time. nice work guys!

  4. Jack says:

    I like it.

  5. Kenneth Wise says:

    I’ll like to see a few video demos before I purchase it .Especially in a law enforcement or tactical scenario

  6. Kenneth Wise says:


  7. PTMcCain says:

    What’s with you guys who seem to exist around here just to grip and moan? Use found…easy