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Triple Aught Design – Mercury Tech-T 

Designed to augment and enhance your body’s natural cooling mechanisms, Triple Aught Design’s Mercury Tech-T is designed specifically for performance and comfort for hot conditions.

While natural materials such as cotton excel at trapping moisture against your skin to keep you cool, they can cling to your skin and chafe. Mercury features Polartec® Delta™, a highly engineered 3D mesh that optimizes moisture dispersal and airflow while reducing friction against your skin.


Delta captures and retains moisture in pockets, while remaining cling-free. The specialized knit construction uses both hydrophilic and hydrophobic yarns to enhance convective heat loss, remain breathable, and regulate drying time.

TAD advises that because the Mercury Tech-T cools so well, it shouldn’t be used as a baselayer in cold weather.

Available in Black and Gunship.



6 Responses to “Triple Aught Design – Mercury Tech-T ”

  1. Gerard says:

    The price is reasonable at 60 bucks, thats only a dollar more than the guage t shirts made by outdoor research, which are colored not dark. I may buy one of these

  2. JLo says:

    Id be interested in this for duty use but no V-neck option makes it a non-starter.

  3. Will says:

    Anyone have an opinion on how this material performs under concealable soft body armor?