The newly redesigned TYR Tactical® COMA Sniper Harness is an extremely lightweight versatile load carriage platform that was developed with the direct feedback from US Special Operations Snipers. The COMA features a low profile shoulder harness and cummerbund system that allows for exceptional load carriage, comfort, and adjustability. The Lower Back Panel is easily adjustable for the height of the wearer.


The COMA System comes standard with the 3 Row/8 Column PALS webbing on the both sides of the cummerbund and on the lower back panel for MOLLE attachment. It also features four internal cummerbund pockets that can be used for M4/M16 mags and two 6”x6” plates when needed.


It’s engineered utilizing our revolutionary PV® material which offers significant weight reduction with increased resistance to abrasion. PV® has been tested to have 7-10 times higher abrasion resistance than standard mil spec nylon. PV® also enhances the ballistic attributes of armor within the vest. Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used internally for comfort.


• Wt. 1.70 lbs.
• One Size Fits All


  1. Che Guevara's Open Chest Wound says:

    I really dig that design. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t give up on the old LCE / TA-50. Maybe this is the product to bring me into the 21st century.

    • Rick says:

      The rig works well for its intended use. I used it throughout RSLC in 2012. My ruck rode right on top of it (slung low) and it helped keep all the weight on my hips. I have lent it out to other guys who hike it up and wore it as a chest rig. Its versatile and definitely fills a niche.

  2. J.D. Brown says:

    Looks strangely familiar. Where have I seen that before? Hmmmmm. Just messing with you, Tyr. Looks like some solid kit. I’m picturing it in Woodland. Mmmmmmm. Woodland.