UF PRO – Close Combat Against Firearms

UF Pro continues their Guide to Close Combat with this installment of “Close Combat Against Firearms”.


8 Responses to “UF PRO – Close Combat Against Firearms”

  1. TMedina says:

    1. A lot of these training videos don’t involve the full loadout the primary is likely to be carrying. The US Army combatives demonstrations were especially guilty of this.

    2. Can an expert chime in on that last handgun disarm? The primary seemed to spend an awful long time in front of the muzzle before moving out of the line of fire.

    • AlexC says:

      Not an expert, but it seems on the last disarm he is twisting the muzzle and the line of fire away from him instead of moving out of the way himself.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      That last pistol disarm should have gotten someone a lot of extra time in the Uke Barrel… Once the aggressor has their arm fully extended (1:05 on the timeline), defender should have simply broken the elbow. The attempted WWF wrap-up move by defender was pure wank,

  2. Dellis says:

    I’m no expert by any means so take what I say with a big grain of salt, but the last scene as all scenes, seem to demonstrate a back and forth struggle. So the final disarm is not that he stays in front of the business end of the gun too long but that the disarm takes place in front of the business end.

    So I see it as the guy in black was disarmed, hands up as in surrender then goes for his own disarm move but should of moved off line either to the side or down. To the side, almost hip to hip being preferred as you can better control opponent. Notice in the very first part though the figure 4 arm lock attempt of black uniform? Again he stayed in body line of opponent and not to his side which allows the counter move by tan uniform.

    I see the very first scene as a mistake on the guy in black as he should of kept his distance as the guy in tan dropped his weapon, but then we wouldn’t have a cool fight scene.

    Next scene, black uniform coming thru door was just silly to me, in terms of the grab and disarm but it was done in a cool manner so that’s what I reckon they went for.

    Third scene seems legit where the black uniform uses the magazine as a force multiplier or lock point to take down attacker.

    I could be completely wrong though

    • Texas-Roll-Over says:

      UF Pro makes some solid gear, everything I have of theirs is top notch quality.You pay for it, however… buy once, cry once.

      As for the moves in the film. It’s intended to show case their product and have a flair of action movie in it. Like you said, take it with a grain of salt. I enjoyed it.

      As for the martial arts, lots of JKD. They’re all very real moves and techniques. Its slowed down so you can see what’s going on…and it’s OAF lol.

      • Dellis says:

        Yes it’s a cool video, as is all of their videos. Done very well with lots of eye candy.

        Being a Texan also and also having my eye on their apparel, is it too much for our climate? Where it’s basically one season….HOT!?

  3. Meusoc says:

    Which guy are we rooting for?