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U.S. Elite – Here’s What You Need To Know About 2017’s Most Controversial Jacket

Behold the Infiltrator Jacket by Outdoor Research. It’s not about the price, it’s about what it can deliver. Sure, it’s a luxury at $795, but with the ongoing sale, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in unparalleled tactical apparel thoughtfulness for only $596.25.

Here’s Nathan Jenkin, Lead Designer from Outdoor Research, with Steve Keefer, giving a quick overview of the product. Click on the video only if you’re ready to have your mind blown.


Still on the fence about the Infiltrator? Stock up on your gloves and other Outdoor Research Tactical essentials and save 25% off on your purchase until Sunday, July 9.

To read more about the Infiltrator Jacket, visit U.S. Elite’s blog.

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27 Responses to “U.S. Elite – Here’s What You Need To Know About 2017’s Most Controversial Jacket”

  1. Jack Boothe says:

    As a forewarning to the more puritanical, this comment is “R” rated. The post stated, “Click on the video only if you’re ready to have your mind blown.” I proffer that if a company wants you to spend $795 on an “army jacket”‘ they should be ready to provide another part of your anatomy being blown as part of the purchase price and deal!

  2. Dellis says:

    That to me is a well thought out jacket. Well worth the cost but I can see how others will not.

  3. Iggy says:

    Well thought out tho features found in some of their jackets without as much hype or $$$ asked.
    Hood looks a bit liw volume round the face but could be the model. Id pay extra for a hood that can be pulled off without needing unzipping.

    Not seeing berry compliancy anywhere…maybe im missing something. Would be a big part of justifying the asking price.

    • Tiny C says:

      Good points, Iggy.

      Berry compliant Infiltrator Jacket is available directly by calling Outdoor Research. They make them specifically for contracts in their facility in Seattle.
      What we have here is TA, which means the use of US fabric but assembled though a TAA designated county. There is no difference in design or performance with Berry vs TAA designated countries.

      • Iggy says:

        Cool, done. Thanks for the answer.
        Long time OR user, always been happy and company interaction part of that.

      • Steve says:

        Tiny, any chance OR will consider adjusting its men’s shirt/jacket sizing so its more in line with most other outdoor clothing manufacturers? OR tends to run 1-2″ smaller than most–an XL at 46″ chest and an XXL that tops out at 49″ leaves out a lot of bigger guys.

  4. Loopy says:

    At that price range I’ll need to have it custom tailored.

  5. tangloppen says:

    At that pricepoint, my Norrøna Recon isnt going anywhere.
    If it needed to be MC, i would go back to Arc’ LEAF Alpha, and spend the rest on ammo.
    It sure looks like a nice jacket, but the price is way off…

  6. jack says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see why people are getting all worked up about the price tag when it’s seemingly on par with other brands offering such as the Arc’teryx Alpha… Without mentionning the pretty disruptive stretch gore fabric which necessarly increase the productions costs but brings something pretty unique to the table…

  7. Mike Nomad says:

    A lot of smart engineering, especially by introducing a number of different ways to vent, while getting rid of fucking pit zips.

    My biggest concern is price vs. performance along one specific line: How badly are the stretch panels going to abrade?

    • Tiny C says:

      Hi Mike,

      They’ve been extensively testing this for a while now, and have not encountered any issues, even with a ballistic vest on it.

      Btw – this comes with an infinite guarantee, which means you can pass this on as an heirloom piece to your kids and be covered.

      Why pass on your great grandma’s highly coveted china when you can give them an Infiltrator Jacket?

  8. PTMcCain says:

    I think they’ve done a horrible job with marketing. They should have told us is a “jacket” designed by Tony Stark, somewhat comparable to the suit he gave Spider Man recently. A documentary about that suit opens up in movie theaters today. At $800 it is a steal!

    • Tiny C says:

      Unfortunately, Disney will not allow us to use Tony Stark.

      Great point tho!

    • PNWTO says:

      “At $800 it is a steal!”

      Funny how you should say that since you just got banned from another website for unethical sales behaviour.

      • PTMcCain says:

        “Funny” how you didn’t bother to read the subsequent comments by the moderators who made it clear there was in fact NO such “unethical” selling behavior, no scam, or otherwise. Just one overzealous moderator, who is an expert (just ask him) because he has taken a lot of classes from experts. He decided he would get his panties in a knot. They didn’t like that I created another account.

        “Funny” how you so easily spread libel under an anonymous Internet name. That’s usually how it goes. “Funny” how that works, huh?

  9. CJS says:

    Anyone ID that jacket in the background that’s in Alpine MultiCam?

  10. Invictus says:

    I’d really like to test the efficacy of the Gore stretch. September Alaska caribou
    and Sitka blacktail hunting soddens everything Gore, including dead bird. The only thing that for sure works to keep water off you are impermeables such as Helly Hansen Impertech or Grundens, usually used for commercial fishing.

  11. HK says:

    That’s pretty neat. You can tell it’s expensive by the way that it is. Innovative design and high end components. Pricing is on par with Arc’Teryx and Gucci. I think this jacket is an example of the “future, now” — prices on this style and tech will come down and may some day be standard and affordable. For now it’s a luxury item and thumbs up to anyone who invests in it and uses it as intended.

  12. The Stig says:

    I get that the stretch panels are Gore-tex Flex2Fit, but which Gore-Tex fabric is used for the remainder of the jacket? Pro? PacLite?

    How does the Flex2Fit compare to Pro and PacLite? I’m having a hard time getting much info on this fabric.

  13. Definitely on board with not looking at the inside of my hood when I look to either side.

  14. Stefan S. says:

    Waterproof from the tears of the Asian sweatshop laborers.-Just a joke.

  15. NWJeep says:

    The Gore Flex2Fit is pretty impressive. If you want berry compliance, with no compromise, Beyond Clothing has a similar jacket in the works but each piece is handmade in Seattle. It won’t be a matter of only special orders made in the US, but all of them. As you may expect, that type of in house production takes time. I just recently got a proto unit and it will be worth the wait. If you want this tech now and don’t mind overseas production, the infiltrator is the only readily available flex2fit jacket. You can compare the price to an Arc’teryx Theta jacket but keep in mind that even Arc’teryx isn’t producing jackets with this groundbreaking technology. As for the Flex2Fit material, 100% waterproof, just like other Goretex 2 and 3 layer materials. I would place the weight of it near the Paclite end of the spectrum, but it does seem more durable and abrasion resistant. The stretch factor is real too. The Flex2Fit panels on my Beyond A6 Stretch have more stretch to them than my Tweave Beyond A5 Rig Light pants. That characteristic is insane for a waterproof material. I highly recommend this material and when you go with a great manufacturer like OR or Beyond, it’s hard to make a bad decision. Let me know if anyone has any questions on the fabric, it is literally right next to me as we speak.