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LaserMax Shipping CenterFire with GripSense Activation Technology

LaserMax has begun shipping the CenterFire® Light and Laser Combination with GripSenseTM Activation Technology to distributors, dealers, and retailers nationwide for the Ruger® LC9S®, LC380® and the S&W® M&P® ShieldTM 9mm|.40 S&W®, in Vivid Red.

GripSense activation technology represents the newest generation of laser activation technology, which enables activation of the product upon the user taking a firing grip on the firearm with the utilization of GripSense technology with or without gloves. Additionally the CenterFire with GripSense Activation Technology includes some key innovations, which include a fully programmable operating mode, a Quick-Change Battery HatchTM, and a full three (3) hour battery life, which is safeguarded from inadvertent drain by a 10 minute time out feature.

“The introduction, and much anticipated shipping of this product to the market, results in a significant change in laser aiming devices market landscape”, said Jay Duncan, VP Marketing “The utilization and integration of GripSenseTM technology in this product will provide consumers with options never before available in a laser aiming or illumination tool.”

LaserMax is shipping CenterFire® Light and Laser combination with GripSense Activation Technology for the Ruger’s LCPII®, S&W® M&P® ShieldTM 45, GLOCK® 42|43 in both Vivid Red or Daytime Green (later this month) to complete product offerings in this family.


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