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LaserMax Shipping CenterFire with GripSense Activation Technology

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

LaserMax has begun shipping the CenterFire® Light and Laser Combination with GripSenseTM Activation Technology to distributors, dealers, and retailers nationwide for the Ruger® LC9S®, LC380® and the S&W® M&P® ShieldTM 9mm|.40 S&W®, in Vivid Red.

GripSense activation technology represents the newest generation of laser activation technology, which enables activation of the product upon the user taking a firing grip on the firearm with the utilization of GripSense technology with or without gloves. Additionally the CenterFire with GripSense Activation Technology includes some key innovations, which include a fully programmable operating mode, a Quick-Change Battery HatchTM, and a full three (3) hour battery life, which is safeguarded from inadvertent drain by a 10 minute time out feature.

“The introduction, and much anticipated shipping of this product to the market, results in a significant change in laser aiming devices market landscape”, said Jay Duncan, VP Marketing “The utilization and integration of GripSenseTM technology in this product will provide consumers with options never before available in a laser aiming or illumination tool.”

LaserMax is shipping CenterFire® Light and Laser combination with GripSense Activation Technology for the Ruger’s LCPII®, S&W® M&P® ShieldTM 45, GLOCK® 42|43 in both Vivid Red or Daytime Green (later this month) to complete product offerings in this family.

LaserMax Announces GripSense Activation Technology

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Rochester, NY – January 9, 2016 – The new activation technology from LaserMax is coined GripSense™ and offers users dual activation choices via instant on with capacitive touch or button controlled activation.

“Offering consumers the ability to choose between modes of, button activation or GripSense activation is really incredible” said Chris Tinkle, Chief Sales Officer for LaserMax. “Our GripSense Technology is a safe and tactically sound instant on capability that consumers have desired for years, while still providing the ability to have controlled activation.”

The Patent Pending GripSense Technology utilizes similar technology to smartphones, in that the product contains a detection zone in the area that users middle finger indexes the trigger guard of the firearm and senses the user’s grip on the firearm and activates the light or laser instantly. The use has the option to turn off the light or laser with the push of a button or disable the GripSense Activation and rely solely on the button activation.

“I am very proud of our team and excited to see the market’s reaction to our new GripSense Technology,” said Chris Tinkle. “Our team has been very careful to work on an “instant on” solution for laser aiming devices. We challenged our Engineering team to develop a solution that met customer demand while ensuring that the product doesn’t comprise proper doctrinal use of laser aiming devices in law enforcement or self-defense use cases. Our team delivered an incredible solution in GripSense Technology.”

LaserMax released GripSense technology at distributor shows last week and plans a full debut at the 2017 Shot Show in Las Vegas Nevada, January 17, 2017.

4th District Federal Reserve Security Forces Adopt LaserMax Guide Rod Lasers For Duty Use

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Rochester, NY – December 12, 2016 –LaserMax announced today that the 4th District Federal Reserve Security Force has purchased and is issuing LaserMax Guide Rod lasers for the use in the security force issued Glock G17 & G19.

The primary duty of uniformed division officers is to provide law enforcement and force protection services to Federal Reserve facilities. Other than administrative matters and violations of Federal Reserve Bank regulations, Federal Reserve Security Forces respond to police, fire, medical incidents and site security issues in and adjacent to their assigned facilities to protect life, render aid or assist other law enforcement.

In addition to providing product to the 4th District Federal Reserve Security Force LaserMax was afforded the opportunity to meet with tactics and training leadership to advice them on proper installation and tactics of use for firearm laser aiming devices in response situations.

“The adoption of the Guide Rod lasers from a security force of this prestige is an incredible testament to the trust and confidence these guys put in our product,” said Chris Gagliano, Director of Military Products for LaserMax. “Getting to work with the tactical response team at the Federal Reserve is a great honor and we have thrilled to have them utilizing our Guide Rod laser systems on their duty sidearms.”

“We are so happy that the 4th District Federal Security Force has joined the growing list of Federal and Local Law Enforcement agencies that recognize the tactical advantage that laser aiming devices provide officers,”said Chris Tinkle, Chief Sales Officer. “I have enormous respect for the job these officers do and providing the tools and training to increase their shooting proficiency is a wonderful achievement for LaserMax.”


LaserMax names Jay Duncan Vice President of Marketing 

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Rochester, NY – November 14, 2016 – LaserMax announced today that Jay Duncan will join the executive management team to direct and lead the marketing efforts for the innovator and manufacturer of high quality laser sighting systems.?
“Jay is a strategic hire for LaserMax as we focus our branding, product offerings and message on delivering high quality laser aiming solutions to the consumer.” said Chris Tinkle, Chief Sales Officer for LaserMax. “Jay brings a ton of experience, and he’s an inspiring leader who exemplifies LaserMax’s core values, I’m excited to have him on our team.”

Mr. Duncan has over a decade of experience in marketing in the shooting sports industry. That experience provides Jay with the skills and talent for developing, implementing, and supervising the marketing initiatives of LaserMax in support of organizational strategy and objectives.

“I am profoundly honored to join LaserMax,” said Duncan. “I have enormous respect for the team and I am excited to contribute to the company’s continued success and growth. LaserMax is uniquely positioned in the firearms accessory market with incredible product offerings for both Self Defense and Military markets. This creates an awesome opportunity to tell the wonderful story of this iconic brand via captivating marketing initiatives.“

Prior to joining LaserMax Duncan most recently held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for Gorilla Ammunition where he executed all sales channel development and directed all aspects of marketing. Prior to his time at Gorilla Ammunition Mr. Duncan also served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Daniel Defense for over 8 years.

LaserMax – Manta-Ray Weapon Light

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

The Manta-Ray is a collaboration between Manta Defense and LaserMax. It is a low-profile, Picatinny compatible, Weapon Light which emits 140 lumens of Mint Green LED light. Thanks to the Manta attachment, it easily snaps on and off the firearm rail without need for tools, levers or clamps. That means it can also be used as a handheld light.

It incorporates an internal rechargeable battery with a 1-hour constant runtime but there is a dimmer function as well as constant versus momentary activation and programmable lockout. It is also compatible with LaserMax’s optional Remote Activation Switch (LMS-RAS).