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LaserMax – Manta-Ray Weapon Light

The Manta-Ray is a collaboration between Manta Defense and LaserMax. It is a low-profile, Picatinny compatible, Weapon Light which emits 140 lumens of Mint Green LED light. Thanks to the Manta attachment, it easily snaps on and off the firearm rail without need for tools, levers or clamps. That means it can also be used as a handheld light.

It incorporates an internal rechargeable battery with a 1-hour constant runtime but there is a dimmer function as well as constant versus momentary activation and programmable lockout. It is also compatible with LaserMax’s optional Remote Activation Switch (LMS-RAS).


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3 Responses to “LaserMax – Manta-Ray Weapon Light”

  1. Boogey says:

    A micro usb for the tape switch? I have problems with abusing them on my phone charger haha….

  2. Mr.E.G. says:

    Once again I’ll reveal my ignorance…

    What is the cord for? Does it go to a remote button? I’m kind of hoping so. I have the Inforce-Mil weapon light, and it’s a great flashlight, it just also requires me to mount it right where I want to put my hand on the rail.