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Warrior East 2017 – Kelty 1 Man Field Tent

Kelty has introduced their new Berry Compliant 1 Man Field Tent. It can be used with or without the rainfly, with the actual tent incorporating mesh sidewalls with 70D ripstop nylon bathtub floor and apex at the top. Two aluminum polls with shockcord make it easy to pitch or strike. The tent has two three-quarter zippered openings while the rainfly incorporates an awning on one side and extra storage area out the other.

Available in Coyote Brown with a 2 Man version on the way.


9 Responses to “Warrior East 2017 – Kelty 1 Man Field Tent”

  1. BigD says:

    Who is this Kelly you speak of?

  2. Garet says:

    Do companies really not care that you have typos in almost every post you make, including quite often their names and the names of their products?

    Extremely unprofessional. But what the hell do I know? Obviously they keep coming to you with press releases.

    • BS says:

      I am just guessing but if you are doing almost live transmission with your iphone, the autocorrect is the problem…

    • SSD says:

      If they were press releases, would the typos be mine?

      But seriously, as much as I’d prefer that it was otherwise, stuff happens. I’m using an iPad and the WordPress app. The combination isn’t ideal for avoiding spellcheck from taking over but it’s quick. I also post more than anyone else. So when you’ve posted over 20,000 articles over the span of nine years without any typos, come tell me how professional you are.

      Otherwise, you might want read to the website which is “more robust”.

      • ejb3 says:

        I will take all your great reporting typos and all! Keep it up, please. Your’s is the only website I check multiple times a day (well, Drudge too.)

      • Dellis says:

        Personal I did nt notice nor cee any typeo, anywon care to poynt those out$

  3. James says:

    A one man I can sit up in!

  4. Dbanks says:

    Awesome looking tent! Kelty makes some some great products