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Warrior East 2017 – Kelty Small Rolling Trunk

Making its debut at Warrior East is the Small Rolling Trunk from Kelty.  It’s about half the size of its big brother at ~5,000 cu in. Made from 1000D Cordura, it features haul handles and four external pockets.  

Additionally, it is Berry Compliant. But the big story here is the metal frame.

I’ll categorize it as virtually indestructible. I say virtually because if you challenge Joe with a claim of indestructible, he’ll do anything to prove it wrong, even to the point of wrecking his own equipment.  

Unfortunately, that beefy frame is going to have some heft to it, but I don’t have a weight for it yet. Coming very soon, from www.kelty.com/military.


3 Responses to “Warrior East 2017 – Kelty Small Rolling Trunk”

  1. Deathwindfr says:


    You say that “It’s about half the size of its big brother”.

    What is it’s big brother? Is it the BRT?

    Or do they plan to make the same but bigger?

    Thanks in advance,


    • SSD says:

      Yes, the BRT

      • Deathwindfr says:

        Thanks for the answer!

        I looked at the BRT but it is less appealing than a bigger version of the bag depicted hereabove. I like the external pockets on this version better, theu should do a bigger version of this pack IMVHO.