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Check Out The Team Wendy Ski Helmet at Next Week’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Team Wendy will exhibit the new M-216 Ski Search & Rescue Helmet at next week’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in SLC, booth #BR336.


10 Responses to “Check Out The Team Wendy Ski Helmet at Next Week’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market”

  1. d says:

    Pretty cool. Didn’t they start out making ski helmets?

    • jbgleason says:

      They started out making retrofit pad sets for helmets. At least that was the first thing I ever saw from them.

      • Regg says:

        The ski helmets were even before that – late 1990’s. The pad retrofits came from materials used in the ski helmets

        • Joe says:

          Ski helmets because his daughter died from a TBI suffered while skiing.

          • Adun says:

            And now the name makes sense. Damn, at least they have helped save thousands of people since then.

  2. Matt says:

    Anyone know what light that is? Princeton Tec?

  3. Jon H. says:

    The light is a new variant of the Switch Rail from Princeton Tec, now with a MPLS backing (like the Switch and Point MPLS lights) instead of the picatinny. The accessory rail has the mount built right in, and the helmet will come with a light.

  4. Matt says:

    Thanks, Jon. I must’ve just missed that free light cutoff. Our agency just equipped our team with Exfil Ballistics. I’ll keep an eye out on the sight. Looking for something with a small footprint to run in front of our rail mounted TEA comms.