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Outdoor Research – Congaree Sun Hat

During a recent trip in Western Virginia, I stopped at a local outdoor store where I found the Congaree Sun Hat from Outdoor Research.

I have no idea why they actually named it after a river in South Carolina, but it’s the spitting image of a military “Hat, Sun” or more popularly known, a boonie hat. It’s made from a very soft, 100% cotton ripstop fabric with stitched reinforcements along the brim.

I purchased the Charcoal (Dark Grey) model seen here, but it’s also available in Fatigue which is a Dark Green. The nonmilitary color, combined with the OR logo on the front, made it an instant addition to my spare set of outdoor clothes I keep in my trunk in the event I need to change into something more rugged and less than conspicuous than what I might be wearing at the time. Along with it, I keep a pair of old Salomons, a Simms Fishing Shirt and cargo pants. For instance, if I need to change a tire, or hike to a gas station, or home, for that matter.

Available in Small/Medium and Large/XLarge.



4 Responses to “Outdoor Research – Congaree Sun Hat”

  1. Mike Zabel says:

    Add a pipe and you look like Jon Voight in Deliverance

  2. AbnMedOps says:

    OR is Outdoor Research, not Retail. I think.

  3. pbr549 says:

    That color looks like the faded black boonie my Dad wore in SOG.

  4. Scott Worley says:

    AND it’s on sale 1/2 off!!!!