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Here’s Your Chance To Be A Part Of The TD x RE Factor Cover Shirt Beta Test

The Jedburg Cover shirt is the first shirt design for those who carry, by those who carry. Tactical Distributors and RE Factor Tactical are setting out to make the perfect cover shirt with the design help of customers and professionals. This initial, limited run is being offered at a deep discount, getting the shirt into your hands so you can provide them with much-needed feedback on how to make it the perfect fit.

The Jedburg's appearance is designed to allow you to blend into everyday life. It offers an athletic cut that allows for enough room for your pistol but still gives a nice appearance for everyday wear. The pearl button snaps give you quick access to your pistol and the reinforced inner walls of the shirt help you clear the pistol for your draw. In addition, they placed pockets at the bottom of the shirt that said in swinging the shirt when conducting a draw. Finally, the stretch fabric allows you to easily present your pistol as well of plenty of mobility.

When you purchase this shirt you will be given a link to provide feedback on the shirt. In addition to purchasing this shirt, you will also receive a discount code for the final design when it becomes available.


-Designed by shooters for shooters
-Athletic Fit w/Air-wicking material
-Easy access pearl snaps
-Passport sized breast pocket 3 total interior pockets for concealing
-Lower pockets aid in pistol draw
-Inner reinforced areas reduce pistol "printing" and offer easy draw access
-Stretch material offer the ability to present the pistol with or without concealed body armor
-Fabric- 60% Cotton 35% Nylon 5% Elastan

Available in Blue Shadow or Bark Urban Grey, sizes Small – 3XLarge.

Get yours from Tactical Distributors or RE Factor Tactical.

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5 Responses to “Here’s Your Chance To Be A Part Of The TD x RE Factor Cover Shirt Beta Test”

  1. PTMcCain says:

    Sold out in all but one color in small, at both sites.


    • Todd says:

      I’m sorry you missed the chance. To be honest they sold out in just a few hours. We had no idea that they would have been so successful. We will have the revised version by spring. Once we get feedback forms from all the BETA testers we will make adjustments and get them back into production.
      Thank you,

  2. FOXTAC says:

    Nice one. Now we only need loads of patterns and long sleeves, from hawaiian to pastel colors for the coastal lads to plaid flannel for the northern people.

    The layout and pockets make it good for a travel shirt, too.

    It’s how it should be: non-tactical looking! Covert and concealment means no “undercover uniform” à la everyone in matching 5.11 kit.

  3. Joe says:

    Who would we contact if we want to suggest they make bigger shirts?
    1). The best shirts to conceal a gun are not slim-fit or athletic-fit.
    2). Shirts with ANY kind of pattern helps break up the outline of a gun better than solid colors, but even a design on the left chest-shoulder area would distract eyes from the lower right area (I assume).
    4). Since the 2XL is 49-51″ in the chest, the 3XL is 52-54″ in the chest. I’m not a HUGE guy (6′ 260″), but my chest is 55″, and many 3XLs are too tight (Duluth T-shirts aren’t). I’d bet the 3XLs sold out very fast, and 4XLs and even 5XLs (for people who wear low-profile armor) would sell too.

    I could go on, but would prefer to send to someone who might actually read my comments.

  4. Can you notify me prior to the next announcement so I can order a couple of these? They look perfect for what I need!
    I am also available for a Mil/LE tester, just let me know!

    Thanks in advance,

    Steve Krzyzanowski
    Debno Tactical LLC

    Semper Fi