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Stone Glacier Announces Ultralight Military/Tactical Pack

Stone Glacier, an industry leader in ultralight backpacks, has developed and launched the R3 3300. A unique pack catered to the tactical and military markets based on Stone Glacier’s core principle of designing ultralight packs without using any ultralight materials.

The R3 (Response/Recon/Rescue) is a product of organic development says Stone Glacier owner and designer, Kurt Racicot. “We were approached by a few various individuals who had been using our hunting line of packs on different deployments and they loved them. The overall weight and design features were unique and not available from other pack manufactures. The consistent feedback was that if we just changed a couple of minor things and developed a few unique features for combat use our packs would be exactly what they were looking for. So, we did it. And the result is the R3 line of packs and accessories.”

The R3 is a modular design that can go from 3,300 cubic inches to 6,300 cubic inches offering customization of up to 8 detachable interior pockets, Stone Glacier’s unique Load Shelf, internal top molle grid for additional PALS pockets or radio carry and a top storm flap in the main bag for cable and antenna routing. Additionally, the R3 line of accessories includes a Conceal Lid to allow the internal concealed carry of carbines up to 33.5” collapsed OAL and the unique 240 Panel which attaches to the frame for quick access to eight 30 round magazines, all weight supported by the frame.

The R3 3300 is offered in Coyote Brown and Tan 499 and boasts an empty weight of only 4.55lbs. It is constructed of all Berry Compliant components and is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. “We’ve cut no corners with this pack” says Stone Glacier CEO Jeff Sposito, “We’ve used only the best materials including proven Cordura® 500 D, YKK zippers and Duraflex buckles just to name a few. The response and feedback so far has been great and we are very excited to expand the R3 offering and continue to build products that meet the needs of the most demanding users.”

The R3 3300 is available now, direct from www.stoneglacier.com and is priced at $594 (MSRP). Contact Stone Glacier directly for more information at (406) 404-0641 or visit their showroom at 608 W Griffin Dr., Unit A, Bozeman MT 59715.


5 Responses to “Stone Glacier Announces Ultralight Military/Tactical Pack”

  1. d says:

    I’m honestly surprised they didn’t do this earlier.

    • PNWTO says:

      It has been out for a bit, so I’m sure the gov customers have had some time to work with it.

      Kurt makes fantastic packs and they carry exceptionally well, excited to see more stuff from him.

  2. Jack Boothe says:

    Thank you SSD for brining this unique product to out attention. I note by the color choices (Tan and Coyote Brown) that this manufacturer and so many others have seemed to wed their continued profitability to our wars in the Mid East. Does SSD see more manufacturer now looking away form the Mid East and the military obsession with tans and browns and looking to supply more woodland and jungle patterns? I see more deployments to Europe (Russia being problematic), Latin America (Venezuela is about to be a deployment hot spot), South China Sea area (again tans and browns won’t camouflage much in that AOR), or even possibly the India-China border (as observers only). My thought here being, that manufacturers that pick the next hotspot and have the right camo and gear for it will make a fortune while the others will be offloading of desert gear to second hand Army Navy stores.

    • PNWTO says:

      A good deal of manufacturers offer Multicam, MC variants, and AOR1/AOR2 to their government customers. Ranger Green and Coyote are popular simply because they work well enough. There is always krylon if one needs to really fine tune.

    • Preacher says:

      Brown kind colors are not only home in afghanistan: If you look globaly, brown is everywhere – even where there is no green. It is closer to white/grey (snow/stone kinds) than green, it is more civilian friendly – think of the outdoor community that cross-sectors. It is even an elegant color if you consider alpaca, kashmir, silk, angora and other natural fabrics. It is closer to skin color, which acticates a few other things in humans… and so on and so on. There are science about it. If you are really interested, than look up psycology of humans, exp. colors, emotions, physology or anthropohology: the eye and what it was designed for in general, the sub-kinds, what it is for us…
      Personaly: I understand the decision. Much of my private clothes from shoes up to my suit are in darker browns, sometimes even lighter shades- and much of my outdoor gear is in lighter shades of brown aswell. Finaly, the base color of my military gear is “tan” aswell. It blends good with my issued uniform of the german Army (5Ft and 3Ft Flecktarn) aswell as my private Airsoft Gear (Atacs-FG and MC) and Hunting Gear (Brown, Oliv, taditional stuff). If I need to choose between base colors of items, I seem to always take this one decision. Conciousness or maybe not :p