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Patagonia Men’s Fog Cutter Sweater

While you can still find the original British Commando sweater, it’s always cool to find other options. In this case, it’s Patagonia’s Men’s Fog Cutter Sweater.

Made from 70% recycled wool/25% recycled nylon/5% other fiber blend; the shoulder patches have a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to shed moisture. However, unlike the British sweater, the Patagonia version does not have elbow patches.

Offered in Glades Green and Mohave Khaki, sizes Small – 3 XLarge. Patagonia lists it as a relaxed fit.


21 Responses to “Patagonia Men’s Fog Cutter Sweater”

  1. J.V. says:

    Just fyi, another alternative with very similar styling:

  2. Ross says:

    Some thoughts ….
    By supporting Cascadia Wildlands, Predator Defense,┬áKlamath-Siskiyou Wildlands and the Native Fish Society (and other anti-hunting organizations) … Patagonia appears to not be a friend of our industry.
    Neither do they appear to be friends of our POTUS …

    • Meusoc says:

      Salient point

    • PNWTO says:

      Patagonia is very conservation-minded but does support the harvesting of our natural resources, they just don’t promote it too much since that is no longer their core customer base. More outdoorsmen should be trying to be conservationists.

      As for POTUS… well ain’t that some covefefe.

    • Colonel Kilgore says:

      You beat me to it Ross. I’ve stopped purchasing Patagonia products. I’m not interested in giving my hard-earned money to a bunch of hippie tree-huggers who have now decided to join “the resistance.”

  3. Jack Boothe says:

    While expensive, IMO, I swear by the Barbour Storm Waterproof Sweater. It has heavy duty shoulder patches and elbow patches, plus a 1/4 zip. More importantly it has a waterproof and windproof lining which makes it usable in inclement weather, and very easy to put on and pull off–even over fleece or wool garments. I purchased mine years ago from an Orvis Factory Outlet store and it has been with me to four continents and still looks good. I even wear it sometimes in lieu of a sports coat with shirt and tie. Here is a link.

    • Meusoc says:

      Barbour is bomber kit! When the aliens pick through the remnants of our civilization Barbour products will still be functional and natty!

  4. sabasarge says:

    Let’s see, Patagonia? Without looking my guess is that puppy probably goes for at least $350.00.
    Overpriced and braindead Leftists to boot……I’ll pass.

  5. sabasarge says:

    Okay, peeked and it’s cheaper than what I’d guessed, but their politics will always keep me away.
    I know, they couldn’t care less, but……

    • Mac says:

      Because who in their right mind would support any corporation that strives to make the best use of scarce resources, pay their employees a decent wage and provide humane working conditions right!

      • Whiskey Bravo says:

        Yeah! Screw those workers and the environment!

        • MED says:

          With childcare onsite. And surf breaks.
          Conservatives don’t surf.

          I can’t stand either side. How about thinking instead of mindless party-line Vitriol

  6. AbnMedOps says:

    Does USMC still wear the “wooley-pulley” sweater? That looked sharp, and practical!

    Of course, when Army got in the game, ours was black, and looked goofy as F, with vee-neck, and epaulet straps flopping around the shoulders, and was only worn (optionally) with Class B’s, not BDUs. Didn’t last long.

  7. It’s a classic design for sure. But I think anyone who’s served in a lot of European forces would catch a lot of flak for wearing an issued jumper (to the uneducated observer that is).

    • Matthew says:

      Yup. The only people you see wearing these in the UK, aside from the military, are usually shouting at pidgeons, and have less teeth in their mouth than fingers on their hands.

  8. Buckaroomedic says:

    Dang; I miss my ol’ USGI five button sweater . . .