PocKit – Improving Your Preparedness Using One Tool for EDC

Everyday, the average American phone user needs two charges for their phones. Yet only 4% of people carry a power bank. For the other 96%, the power bank is not worth the space it takes up.

Consider something else that is good to carry: the flashlight. Flashlights can be useful for providing illumination if the lights go out, alerting oncoming traffic during nighttime, and as a striking surface for breaking car windows in an emergency. Yet, most people only keep one in the drawer at home.

The folks at Matricon Innovations have built a tool combining the two. At roughly the size of 2 smartphones stacked together, the PocKit offers a power bank as well as a flashlight. It also includes a proximity tracker to protect both your belongings and your smartphone. Place the PocKit in you bag, and carry the smartphone on your person. Both will sound an alarm if they get separated.

These functions combine to make the PocKit a useful and versatile tool for everyday carry. They will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on August the 17th. Until then, you can check out their site and sign up for the pre-Kickstarter bonus.


2 Responses to “PocKit – Improving Your Preparedness Using One Tool for EDC”

  1. JR says:

    Many existing powerbanks have a light built-in, so this not new or interesting. The other features like waterproof case, speaker, Morse code could be useful for some and makes this standout in a crowded market.

  2. Jack Boothe says:

    All it is missing is a bottle opener.