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US Optics Is Moving To Montana

US Optics was recently acquired by DRSG has announced that after 26 years in Southern California, they will be relocating to Kalispell, Montana. They advise customers that there may be a brief pause in production while they bring the new Montana facilities online.



13 Responses to “US Optics Is Moving To Montana”

  1. Sardo Numspa says:

    So US Optics will now be moving into the US

    • Kit Badger says:

      So long to the People’s Republic of California… Weird, you’d think the high taxes would incentivize people to stay in Cali, wait never mind.

  2. Alpha2 says:

    They were based in SoCal, last I checked despite all they laws and regulations here we are still part of the United States.

  3. Luke says:

    Good on them. They should love their new home, beaches are overrated.

    • Some Gunshop in Kalispell says:

      We have beaches. The largest natural (i.e. not man-made) freshwater lake in CONUS west of the Mississippi, Flathead Lake. Also a decent beach up in Whitefish Lake. And Echo Lake… and (yeah we have a lot of lakes here, some are breathtakingly beautiful)…

      But the water isn’t polluted and the people are super laid back.

      Also, a lot of people pack heat. A lot. Oh and we can buy/shoot lead ammo here, and.. (you get the idea).

  4. Ed says:

    Does that mean they will re-gain the quality they once had before they went into mass production and lost that “high-end” bar?

  5. Blackbeard says:

    Welcome to Montana!

  6. Desert Lizard says:

    Will the last American leaving California please bring the flag?