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Wilson Combat Introduces GLOCK Enhancements

For the first time, Wilson Combat is offering GLOCK custom pistol enhancements, including Armor-Tuff® coatings, tactical sights, match-grade barrels, their signature Starburst polymer frame stippling, and more. Additionally, they’ve partnered with select manufacturers to offer several grades of trigger modifications that suit shooters of all levels.


This custom work is available for all calibers of GLOCK Gen 3 and 4 handguns.

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6 Responses to “Wilson Combat Introduces GLOCK Enhancements”

  1. MM says:

    If I didn’t know that the ‘battle worn’ look on that G19 slide was artificially induced, I’d have to question the durability of their Armor-Tuff® coating.

  2. Gerard says:

    Michael Bane says the Glock 19 Barrel’s by Wilson are the best he’s ever used I wonder if they are avaiable again.

    • Alpha2 says:

      Yes, barrels are on their website. For some reason I have always liked the slide top serrations from rear to front sight. I wonder if that is psychological on my part or do your eyes really get drawn to the front sight better?

      • Gerard says:

        If serrations help you focus on your front sight, all that matters is they work.

  3. straps says:

    They did a 92G-SD build that started out as two guns (Centurion slide and 92A1 frame). Absolutely fantastic build.

    And here I happen to have a G3 G17 sitting around waiting on a purpose in life…

  4. Random Guy says:

    Do they Not have a option to remove finger grooves?

    I looked through there website and I couldn’t find any note of it.