Point 6 – 37.5 Tactical Defender Sock

Last year, Point 6 announced a partnership with Cocona to introduce the 37.5 technology into Merino socks.

I’m a huge fan of Merino wool and the 37.5 helps with moisture transfer. Additionally, like Merino, 37.5 is no melt, no drip, relying on activated carbon from coconut shells. It doesn’t hold nasty smells either.


There is a whole range of socks, but one you might want to look at is the 37.5 tactical defender medium mid-calf. I’ll call it the Goldilocks of their line. You can go up or down in features and performance from there, based on your activity, your feet, and the environment.

I’ve been wearing the low, athletic version interspersed with my other Point 6 socks, and like them a lot. All of my Point 6 socks have outlasted other brands.

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3 Responses to “Point 6 – 37.5 Tactical Defender Sock”

  1. Kit Badger says:

    After Smartwool got sold, and went to shit… …I’m glad those guys started back up. Awesome socks.

  2. Desert Lizard says:

    Glad to see good socks featured here. They’re one of the best pieces of equipment a soldier can acquire in that price range.

  3. Ty says:

    How do these compare to Darn Tough? I rock DT almost daily, but am always looking for more wool socks!