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Beez Combat Systems American Sentry GRID Plate Carrier Cumber

Beez Combat Systems American Sentry GRID Plate Carrier Cumber


General Features:

The ultimate in laser cut plate carrier performance.
Modular laser cut attachment points on entire vest for maximum versatility.
Padded 3D mesh interior provides additional comfort and airflow.
The plate carrier has a full adjustable cummerbund.
Bottom load hard plate – supports 10×12, ESAPI Medium and Large, Swimmer cut.
Side plate pockets on the inside of cummerbund – supports 6×6, 6×8 and 7×8.
Cummerbund has velcro access for soft armor inserts(6×12-15″) or rigid inserts.
Concealable rear adjustment sleeve for cummerbund.
8” Shoulder pads with laser cut routing and fully adjustable shoulders
Reinforced drag handle
Materials / Construction

§ 500 denier Cordura and GRID
§ MIL-Spec thread, hardware and velcro.
§ Tubes™ FirstSpear® Tubes™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC

The Plate Carrier is available in MultiCam, Coyote and Black. For more info please check out:


2 Responses to “Beez Combat Systems American Sentry GRID Plate Carrier Cumber”

  1. Ooh.. this or an STT. Wouldn’t sniff at either. Liking the mesh interior but is it 6/12? I’d always gotten the impression the loop laminated to the back face of the cordura was fairly crucial to the tear resistance in FS rigs.

    Very good looking option though, good to see more people finally getting with the times especially at such a good price point.

  2. Chris K. says:

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for someone to capitalize on the Tubes system, well done, BCS.