Blue Force Gear MARCO Now Available For Military Orders

Effective immediately for online military orders, the MARCO™ Marking Light Dispenser from Blue Force Gear is available.

The MARCO™ is an efficient, unique and compact way to carry room marking sticks for room clearing, lane marking and numerous other uses. Conceived during the time consuming, pre-mission frustrations of unwrapping, taping and bundling traditional marking sticks, the MARCO™ Dispenser cuts the prep time down to seconds. Open the package containing the preloaded dispenser, insert the MARCO™ Dispenser into its belt or MOLLE pouch, and proceed to the mission.

You also won’t find that you’re glowing after an accidental break on traditional marking sticks while running to the breach point. The mini marking sticks deployed from the MARCO™ Dispenser put out approximately the same light under Night Vision Devices as a taped-up 4” marking light.

Blue Force Gear has fulfilled early military orders of its MARCO™ Marking Light Dispenser and has limited quantities ready for shipment. Order your MARCO now at one of the links below or call 877-430-2583 for order quantities over 10 units.






8 Responses to “Blue Force Gear MARCO Now Available For Military Orders”

  1. Alpha2 says:

    I like simple solutions to reoccurring problems!

  2. Jacj says:

    This makes me want to find a use for a magazine full of mini chem lights…. I don’t clear rooms, except of my dirty laundry. But this is still cool.

    • PB says:

      Will be great hunting at dusk or dark with this – use them as trail markers when following a blood trail.

  3. miclo18d says:


  4. Chuck Mac says:

    Isn’t this the definition of hanging more sh^t on that isn’t needed…. literally hanging.. ?

    • Jason says:

      When doing room clearing, you have a bunch of Chemlights hanging from your belt or plate carrier. This is just a more compact way. Is this necessary? Probably not. My concern is you usually carry multiple colors for marking CCP and stuff and this would only be able to hold one color unless you mix them up.

    • Assuming one was going to carry some sort of light markers no matter what; The alternative is hanging a bunch of larger chemlights.
      BFG started with a non hanging mount, so apparently some folks asked for a hanging version.

  5. Attack7 says:

    Much needed!