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Strike Force Beverage: Energizing the Relief Efforts in Texas

Veteran Owned and American Made Company, in coordination with TroopsDirect, Donates $10,000 worth of products to support the Texas National Guard during the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Palmetto, FL August 30, 2017: Strike Force Beverage of Palmetto Florida donates $10,000 dollars’ worth of Strike Force Energy to the Texas National Guard.

With Hurricane Harvey relief efforts well underway, it is going to take a team effort of national proportion, and Strike Force is trying to do our small part. Everyone volunteering on these efforts is working grueling hours, which will leave them mentally and physically exhausted. Our healthier alternative to canned energy drinks is the perfect solution to support the relief efforts.

“Thank you to everyone for stepping up and helping all Americans in Texas and the Gulf Coast region after this devastating natural disaster,” said Co-founder & CEO Bruce Schlee

TroopsDirect is proud to partner with Strike Force Energy because like us, Strike Force knows the importance of supporting – at a moment’s notice and without hesitation – those Guardsmen who are rescuing the men, women and children of the great state of Texas. – TroopsDirect.org

Along with our initial donation, Strike Force is offering its customers an opportunity to pitch in. By entering discount code “HARVEY” at checkout at www.StrikeForceEnergy.com, Strike Force will match your purchase with a donation to local Police, Fire, and EMS workers in the affected areas.

Strike Force Energy is a high-powered liquid energy drink concentrate that can be mixed with any beverage. Sugar free / calorie free with nearly no sodium and around 1/3 of the ingredients, Strike Force is healthier than other canned energy drinks. “The Beverage Enhancer ™” means just that, we can go into any beverage, allowing you to create your own energy drink experience.



4 Responses to “Strike Force Beverage: Energizing the Relief Efforts in Texas”

  1. Andres says:


  2. Dellis says:

    I’m a bit north of the devastating rains and winds so nothing much but some rain and broken branches for us but those poor people on the Texas coast are in for a long haul to recovery so even a little help, like a pair of shoes, is going to bless someone!

    Thanks Strike Force!

  3. NWJeep says:

    Thanks Sean and the team! This is fantastic news and even something as little as an packet of strike force is so important to the men and women working tirelessly to save lives. This is the best news I’ve heard all day.

  4. 105mm FA Doc says:

    I say hooah!

    We’ve been running 24hr ops and while we’re good on water and chow… most of the places to track down energy drinks are out of them or closed.

    Much appreciated Strikeforce!