SwampButt Underwear Donating 100% of Sales to SPCA Impacted By Harvey

August 31, 2017 (Lake Jackson, Texas) The owners of SwampButt Underwear will donate 100% of the proceeds (less taxes and shipping) from sales of their popular men’s underwear to the Brazoria County SPCA now through September 7, 2017. The Brazoria County SPCA is in Lake Jackson, Texas. There and in the surrounding areas of the county, the brunt of flooding rain has displaced tens of thousands of people and their pets. For those who want to donate but do not need any underwear, the company has a Facebook based fund raiser at the top of its Facebook page::

From the Owners

“In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, your friends at SwampButt Underwear™ are raising money for the SPCA of Brazoria County,” owner Harold Nicoll said. “Our county is just south of Houston where tens of thousands of residents have lost their homes, belongings and even their dogs and cats. Many pets were abandoned during the storm. Others are dropped at the shelter because their owners cannot evacuate with them. Our shelter is very stressed and can really use your help. If you can only spare a dollar, we thank you for it. Every little bit helps.”

This dog and her puppies were abandoned just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, they were rescued and adopted by a local family, but others were not as fortunate. To help dogs and cats like these please go to:

About the SPCA of Brazoria County

The SPCA of Brazoria County, Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to leading Brazoria County to a time when there are no more homeless pets in our community. Founded in 1974, the SPCA-BC has operated the Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter since 2003. The Shelter is an open admission facility serving the Cities of Freeport, Clute, and Lake Jackson, Texas.

“We know that our customers and those who follow us just for a laugh are the best and will do what they can,” Nicoll continued. “This cause means a lot to us, and we believe that we can make a difference together.”

About SwampButt Underwear

SwampButt Underwear is owned by two friends who believe that their friendship is more important than the business and will fold it up if it ever comes between them. It is based near Houston, Texas. It’s in a great town, but you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s surrounded by swampland with some really nice people. We’ve got a Starbucks and some nice Tex-Mex restaurants. And a place that has 99 beers on tap.

SwampButt Underwear™ is a registered trademark. We paid a lot for the trademark, so please respect it.


One Response to “SwampButt Underwear Donating 100% of Sales to SPCA Impacted By Harvey”

  1. Dellis says:

    This is so important and so overlooked by a good portion of the public. My wife and I have signed up as fosters for some of these pets if the need arise. It’s a form you fill out….a very lengthy form at that, and they keep you on file and if you can foster or adopt a dog or cat it really helps out!

    Good on you Swampbutt! (I smiled typing that)