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Elbit Systems Unveils SmarTrack: a Situational Awareness System for Dismounted Forces in GPS Denied Environments

SmarTrack enables dismounted soldiers, special-forces and first responders to immediately locate, reliably track and monitor up to 100 members of a network

Forces operating in urban, indoor or underground operations face real challenges to effective command & control and situational awareness (SA) due to three-dimensional positioning of forces, limited line of sight and physical partitions. Loss of satellite signal and disrupted communications compound those challenges, significantly increasing risks of blue-on-blue fire, abandonment or loss.

Having accumulated operational experience with its C4I and modern soldier systems suites, Elbit Systems debuts SmarTrack: an innovative system that enables dismounted forces to maintain situational awareness in GPS Denied environments, providing the fighting or response forces with continual friendly forces tracking capability.

Using Radio Frequency (RF) ranging patented technology, SmartTrack provides force commanders operating in urban areas, inside buildings or when GPS signal is jammed, with three-dimensional location of force members and a data link to transmit C2 data between users, thereby enabling continued operational level command & control and effective SA. SmartTrack weigh less than 150gr per unit and its SA output can be transmitted and read on any end user device held by either the individual operator or the commander. SmarTrack is a natural addition to the Elbit Systems DOMINATORâ„¢ infantry modern soldier suite, further enhancing safety and operational effectiveness of dismounted units.

SmarTrack will be presented at Elbit Systems booth (S2-320) at the DSEI 2017 Exhibition.


4 Responses to “Elbit Systems Unveils SmarTrack: a Situational Awareness System for Dismounted Forces in GPS Denied Environments”

  1. Mike Nomad says:

    I must be missing something… is this more than locators over a (hopefully) encrypted MESH Network?

  2. Valette says:

    If everyone is an emitter (so your force commander can ‘RF Range’ you) how do you cope with the DF capability that inevitably comes along with adversaries who can deny GPS?

    • mehmaster says:

      DF for low power emitters is rather difficult. this is especially true in urban environments where there is a lot of multipath transmission from the signal bouncing off of buildings or riding chain link fences etc…..

  3. AlexC says:

    Does it constantly emit or does it only range-find/locate you when you transmit?

    If it only locates you when you transmit that would be fine, but if you can’t control your emissions then I don’t like it.