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TD Launches Shaolin Hoodie & Polar Fleece Beanie For Fall

TD Shaolin Hoodie


TD Shaolin Hoodie is a mid-layer, intended to unleash your inner ninja with the built-in face mask/neck gator and versatile stretch fit that will move with you. Made from a Polar Poly Stretch Fleece with DWR treatment, to keep you warm and dry. The poly fleece properties allow the active user to stay warm yet shed moisture from heat build up. This is an athletic fit mid-layer piece.

Features include: Thumbholes, chest pocket, zip hand pockets, DWR water-resistant coating, hood, integrated facemask/neck gator and YKK zippers.

TD Polar Fleece Beanie


The air is getting crisp and the TD Polar Beanie is your go-to basic skull cap. It has DWR Treatment to keep your dome dry and warm. Reserve your body heat in our essential hat in neutral grey or black. Built to fit under a helmet or earpro. This product will keep you warm and wick moisture from your skin. Light-weight Stretchable Polar Fleece with DWR Treatment to make it water resistant.


8 Responses to “TD Launches Shaolin Hoodie & Polar Fleece Beanie For Fall”

  1. cy says:

    Can’t move past Shaolin combined with a Ninja image. What would David Carradine say if he were still alive?

  2. Ian Cornell says:

    Kinda looks like those antifa twats

  3. Man the G says:

    Under armour made something similar a few years ago and I always thought it would be the worst thing to wear to a bank.

  4. Vic says:

    They should have called the beanie the “shadow boxer”… now TD will never defeat the wutang sword and they won’t be able to properly bring the ruckus… missed opportunities.

    • SG says:

      3/10 – Did not help me solve the mystery of chessboxin’. Provided inadequate neck protection. Would not buy again. Save your money and buy liquid swords instead.

  5. A Guest says:

    I’m not sure I dig the face mask but Alhamdulillah no velcro on this one.

  6. 29 says:

    my thoughts exactly…