TYR Tactical

MDM 17 – RE Factor Tactical Helmet Cover

RE Factor Tactical was exhibiting in the Quantico Tactical booth and gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming helmet cover.

It’s a combination of mesh and four way stretch softshell material.

It has a couple of unique features. for instance, the side Velcro can be pulled down in order to route cables behind it.

The rear pocket will accommodate a battery case and when opened comes with counterweight material. 



3 Responses to “MDM 17 – RE Factor Tactical Helmet Cover”

  1. Jkifer says:

    This is pretty damn nice. Been using the tnvc Mohawk and been liking it too.

  2. If the mesh lines up with the vent on the non-ballistic helmets, colour me very interested. Great counterweight setup.

  3. Preacher says:

    Crazy… I´ve got that feeling quite often: Modified an OPS OpsCore Helmet Cover with Mesh in exactly the same cut,
    aswell as I added an integrated counter weight pouch, an integrated shades pocket, cable routing and extra velcro …
    I sould stop sharing pics of my inventions :O