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RE Factor Tactical – VS-17 Marking Panel

RE Factor Tactical has introduce their take on the VS-17 Marking Panel.

One side is Yellow with a silk screened American flag and the other side is Orange with a 4″ x 2″ Velcro section to add an IR light. In addition to the four removable bungees in the corners, there are rare earth magnets so it can be placed on a car roof, hood or trunk. Luke related he had one stay put at speeds up to 55 mph.

Currently only available for Government purchase, contact to order.


6 Responses to “RE Factor Tactical – VS-17 Marking Panel”

  1. 92FH7 says:

    Love my Battlesystems MK-1 with signal mirror and IRR.

  2. MedicMan says:

    Are those RATS on the corners?

  3. PMC says:

    Would be really useful for low-viz motorcades.

  4. bloke_from_ohio says:

    “Luke related he had one stay put at speeds up to 55 mph.” makes me think of the All State mayhem commercial with the lucky flag.