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GROM Selects SPITFIRE Plate Carrier from Direct Action

According to information released by the Polish Public Information Bulletin (Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej), in a document entitled “ZP-24/DOiB/2017”, the Polish special missions unit GROM has concluded a tender process and selected the SPITFIRE® Plate Carrier from Direct Action® as its new battle vest.

No further information about the GROM contract is available at the present time, but further information about the SPITFIRE® Plate Carrier can be found on the Direct Action® website at directactiongear.com

Direct Action® will also be exhibiting at the NTOA Conference and Exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona on Sept. 24-25, visit them at booth #123.


8 Responses to “GROM Selects SPITFIRE Plate Carrier from Direct Action”

  1. Adam says:

    Looks like a JPC if it were made by First Spear. Good combo.

  2. Maker says:

    Well, earlier they bought quite a few sets of SPECOPS’ ULPC 3 so it doesn’t surprise me that they bought now another plate carrier made of laminated cordura.

    • SSD says:

      This has been around for a couple of years so if they just got ahold of your vest, it might have been to see if you are copying them.

      The Polish market is small, so maybe this is all new to you, but the reality is that everybody has copies of other companies’ products.

      I’m seeing a lot of innovation and quality come out of Helikon-Tex. Plus, they are investing in bringing their products into new markets. If you are their competetitor, step up your game.

  3. Sean says:

    I am in a USSOF unit and recently used the Spitfire during MFF operations and on the flat range. It is the most comfortable kit I have ever worn (compared to AVS, JPC, Tyr’s Plate carrier). It’s flexible design conforms to the space and fitting the parachute over the carrier was easy. The kangaroo pouches are well thought out and can hold radios other than the 148/152. The pouches are also well thought out fit the plate carrier in a logical kit set up. It also cut off about 3 pounds vs. the AVS set up I had before.

    Outstanding kit that was clearly made to by operational experience.

    • lcpl1066 says:

      Thank you for the response Sean. Can you tell us more? Did you wear it under a ruck? How did it feel after a few hours?

  4. Matthew Kime says:

    Sidebar: Is that display torso something that DA had made, or are those available somewhere?

    • Elvis says:

      If you look at the “shoulder” it appears to have a direct action logo on it, so I’m guessing they had them made.