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NTOA 17 – Inforce TFX Handheld Light

Inforce has synthesized their handheld line down to a single light, the new TFX. It offers 700 lumens for two hours on high and 60 lumens for 10 hours on low. Additionally, there is a strobe function. It will be available in two weeks in Black and FDE.


4 Responses to “NTOA 17 – Inforce TFX Handheld Light”

  1. rearmount says:

    Looks like you can get one for $80. Not too shabby for a 700 lumen light. I know some of their weaponlights have had some durability issues in the past, would be interesting to see how this one shakes out.

  2. d says:

    I’ll avoid it due to past durability issues.

    It’s frustrating because Inforce has potential to produce really good lights.

  3. MidGasFan says:

    Checked these out at TriggerCon and they encouraged me to bash them on the concrete floor. 🙂 Who else fits that st trade shows? No issues. I have several of the APL, WML and WMLx series and these are built in the same vein and significantly stronger than their first gen handheld lights.

    Great company, awesome products and outstanding people. I have zero issues using or recommending their products.

  4. JM says:

    Per inforce, these are 0.9″ diameter and won’t fit the popular 1″ ring mounts for rifle rails. Just fyi Could be an opportunity for someone..