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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Low Profile 6/12 AGB Sleeve


The Low Profile AGB Sleeve features an ultra light padded platform with a 6/12 field from edge to edge. The padded mesh on the body side breathes well and drys fast.


A belt pass through allows the user to secure the Assaulters Gun Belt, Tac Belt or similar riggers belt and reveal sections of the belt for mounting holsters or other belt mounted accessories. A hook panel around the interior provides another measure of retention to keep the belt from sliding around the waist. Thin and light the AGB Sleeve provides an exceptional platform to work from you can wear all day.

SSD Readers order any belt and the low profile sleeve this weekend and get free domestic ground shipping on your entire cart.




9 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Low Profile 6/12 AGB Sleeve”

  1. JimRonni says:

    First Spear and I have different definitions of low-profile.

    • SSD says:

      Tell us yours

      • mike says:

        If I had to venture a guess I’d say it’s something like five+ really fit white guys (in a place where everyone else is brown and malnourished) wearing different colors of the same Kuhl button-up plaid shirt, different colors of the same Arc’teryx pants, the same Suunto, the same Salomons, the same Gatorz/Liquids, with mix and match ball caps (some are sports!).

        You know, low profile!

    • Corbin says:

      I believe you may be confusing the terms low-profile and low-vis. I do not believe this belt was designed to be used covertly or in a low-vis capacity. However, when compared to typical 3 row battle belts on the market it is in fact low-profile.

  2. Did me well carrying my G17 and spare mag everyday in afghan, bit overkill tbh but nice to know I could scale it up any time if necessary. Hope to see a release in MG.

  3. Jamie Wiedeman says:

    LOL on the 5 White Operators not blending in. Hungry brown dudes are the most dangerous. It’s funny, but I’m offended, so boycott SSD (it’s a three letter organization like the NFL). Nice belt First Spear, and as always, props to the author. Spring Lake, now that’s dangerous. Rolled through there last week with my Roland Special and two truck guns per Roland SOP. #hashtag