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IWI US Is Phasing Out The Original Tavor SAR


With the release of the Tavor X95 and the favorable response of its ergonomic and functional improvements over the original Tavor SAR, one could wonder how IWI would handle having both rifles available in their product line. Well, in a not-so-surprising move, IWI US formally announced they are phasing the Tavor SAR out of their product line, citing a market preference towards the X95 that lead to declining sales of the SAR. This phasing out will occur over the coming months, with production shifting towards greater focus on the X95, as well as the Tavor 7, a Tavor variant chambered for .308 WIN.

You can check out the official press release at the link below:



9 Responses to “IWI US Is Phasing Out The Original Tavor SAR”

  1. Dellis says:

    Always wanted one, shot one and meh…

    I am interested though about the X95. I’d like a bullpup type design in my safe.

  2. Steak TarTar says:

    thank you so fucking much for using that graphic

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    Is this the bullpup with the horrible trigger that gets you 8 MOA on a good day or am I thinking of another one?

    • Brando says:

      Yeah, but it’s Israeli and those dudes are so hardcore. My Krav Maga instructor says so /s

    • Matt says:

      The X95 has the real bad accuracy issues, the SAR-16 doesn’t; with good ammunition the weapon gets tight groups. The X95 with good ammunition will get a decent group and have one flier or just be terrible; I gotta get my SAR-16 soon before they’re completely gone.

  4. mac says:

    BS. The SAR is easily a 2 MOA gun, and with a Timney trigger pack, feel is excellent. Personally, I feel the SAR is superior to the X95. Sad to see it go.

  5. Daniel says:

    I agree! I bought my Tavor SAR a few years ago and I love it, I installed a Geissele Super Sabre trigger pack and it’s just an amazing rifle, easily 1 to 2 moa with good ammo. Sad to see it go, but I foresee these original Tavors increasing in value soon!

  6. Mike says:

    How about the MARS red dot with/IR laser it was made for the Travor

  7. Mike says:

    My X-95 is fine, trigger is great and compared to all the upgrades from the SAR it’s 10x’s better from mag release to bolt release much improved. The only problem was the MARS red dot will not work properly on the x-95 the SAR actually was designed for that optic the remote cable will hide behind the panel then snap into place. That’s why I’m going to get rid of it, I could use the dot but not the IR and this thing retails for $1,500 on Optic Planet so someone will be getting a deal