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Thyrm Introduces The CLENS

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Sunnyvale, CA — Lights perform best when their lenses are clean. CLENS provides an easy way to protect lenses during extended shooting sessions.  Like goggle tear-offs for off-road racing, just remove the dirty CLENS to return a light to its optimal brightness.

CLENS is a heat-resistant, clear polymer circle. CLENS protects the lens from carbon and other debris that can build up from the use of lights during firearms training. Also, extended exposure to carbon can permanently damage/discolor unprotected lenses. No longer will shooters have to apply Vaseline before shooting, replace a lens, or risk abrasion with lens cleaners. CLENS can be removed to instantly provide a clear lens for maximum brightness.

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CLENS’ mild adhesive backing has a higher affinity for polymer than glass. This makes it easy to attach and position, without leaving adhesive on the light. Three sizes are included to fit a wide range of flashlight and weapon light lenses.

The CLENS is the collaborative effort of Thyrm and Sage Instruments. Aaron Cowan of Sage Instruments states, “We noticed the degradation of light output as a student progressed in a low-light class. They often struggled to get the light’s lens clean and that process took them out of the class for a period of time. We knew that this was the answer.”

“Our mission is to produce innovative products that address our customer’s needs. Like the SwitchBack® and CellVault®, the CLENS improves the function of flashlights and weapon lights. There is nothing like it,” said Thyrm CEO Andrew Frazier.

Visit Thyrm.com to learn more.


18 Responses to “Thyrm Introduces The CLENS”

  1. Gerard says:

    Brillant idea and a future purchase for anyone who uses guns and lights

  2. CWG says:

    Awesome. I will buy this.

  3. Kit Badger says:

    Arron mentions that the inspiration for this was the class member’s lights being degraded. I am curious at what round count this was happening. I feel like light placement is a huge factor too.

    While it would suck to drag the class down, it seems like there would be some value in the students experiencing their degraded lights, in a training environment. Creating the platform of experience to know the threshold of their equipment and how to run it. To include these I’d imagine as a viable solution.

    I will have to try some, it will save me time with a Q-tip and toothpaste when I forget to put some gun oil on my lens.

  4. Cuvie says:

    Are these like those transparent stickers that come on new TV/Phone screens that some people refuse to take off?

  5. Hubb says:

    This is awesome….I’m definitely buying some.

    I request that you make some in Surefire XC1 and Streamlight TLR-6 sizes.

  6. Alex says:

    I worked on a similar product and here are some run downs of things that need to be addressed from the comments.

    1) Scrubbing the lens with a pencil eraser to clean your lens will build micro scratches over time and will cause the glass to haze. May be a non-issue for those that upgrade all the time to the latest and greatest.

    2) Vaseline/gun oil on the lens is a better solution than #1. However be aware that certain products can affect the gasket around the lens.

    3) I can’t tell what type of film Thyrm has decided to utilize but it looks similar to the the film I tested. Clean up is incredibly easy with only a single pass of a finger or a paper towel removing ALL contaminates with ease and durability is very impressive.

    4) During our testing the beam pattern suffered in terms of uniformity with our film choice as well as the light transmission had dropped. This was our main reasons for not bringing it to market. Also applying the lens cover had some issues as well – if it was not in the center of the lens and partially lifted from resting on the gasket, the distortion of the pattern became very apparent.

  7. Jarod says:

    Finally! thank you.

  8. EM says:

    just use toothpaste…. best solution ever.

  9. Chuck Mac says:

    Will these protect against Simunitions ?

  10. Shane1242 says:

    Use a piece of Mr. clean earaser….best thing ever

  11. jkifer says:

    white sound defense has an excellent solution that you can apply to your lens before using them, the built up carbon comes off with ease.


  12. Simichrome can work to polish lenses and remove scratches prior to putting on Clens. Works on watch crystals, too. Once lenses are polished/cleaned this looks to be an incredibly useful product to keep them that way. Will be picking some up!